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One of the most memorable tunes associated with the Lum and Abner program was written by Jessie L. Deppen. It is the theme music heard during the early years while the Lum and Abner program was sponsored by Horlick's.

To my dear friend Rae Eleanor Ball

ELEANOR (A Serenade)

Words & Music by Jessie L. Deppen
(copyright 1914, 1918)

The birds of the forest are calling
From the wild-wood far a-way ----
While the night shades so softly are falling
At the close ---- of the day; ----
Each breeze brings a message from love-land,
Fond and true, dear, fond and true, ----
With each spark from the dew,
My fond heart, dear, calls to you, ---- calls to you, ----

The moon is creeping high o'er the hill,
Nature is sleeping, the world is still, ----
Come, ope your window ---- cast one sweet rose,
A rose to prove, to prove your love.
My heart is sighing for you, my own,
With love undying for you alone; ----
Beneath your window ---- and star-lit skies, ----
I wait the love-light, the love-light that beams in your bright eyes.----

Then come while the nightbirds are calling,
As the moonbeams brightly shine, ----
And we'll wander thro' love-land together,
Dreaming love dreams so divine; ----
I'll sing you sweet songs of a love, dear,
That will linger evermore,----
And this big world will seem but a beautiful dream,
Eleanor, Eleanor. ------------

Eleanor -  A Serenade

(Download midi file: Eleanor.mid)


    Music by Jessie L. Deppen
    Words by Arthur J. Lamb
    (copyright 1922)

    Smile, dear, and night turns to-day, ----
    Frown, and the blue skies are grey; ----
    You make the world ---- seem a garden,
    Shadows all pass ---- away. ----

    Fair as a morning in June, ----
    Sweet as the nightingale's tune, ----
    I see your smile ---- in my dreams, dear,
    We cannot wed ---- too soon. ----


    Deep in my heart is a nest, dear,
    Come and rest here, Eleanor. ----

    Ev'ry thorn is a rose when you're near me,
    You can cheer me, Eleanor. ----

    The love-light so bright in your eyes, dear,
    Makes me want you more and more; ----

    For your name is a song I am singing all day long
    Eleanor, sweet, Eleanor. ----

    {Repeat Refrain}

(Download midi file: Eleanor_Fox_Trot.mid)

Sheet music of "Eleanor" bearing the photos of Chet Lauck and Norris Goff (sans Lum and Abner make-up) was also published.. A representative sample is not available for inclusion here at this time. Both the "Serenade" and "Fox Trot" arrangements were published by Sam Fox Publishing Co.

At least two performances of "Eleanor" were commercially available. One performance was obtainable on an Edison Re-Creation disc denoted as index #8562 "Eleanor - Fox Trot" performed by the Imperial Marimba Band, with index# 8537 "My Old Hawaiian Home" (F.W. Vandersloot) performed by Palakiko's Hawaiian Orchestra on the flip side. (Sheet music for the Fox Trot arrangement notes: "Get this song for your player piano or talking machine.") The other performance of "Eleanor" was produced by the Victor Salon Orchestra, under the direction of Nathaniel Shilkret with "Out of the Dusk to You" on the A-side.

Download mp3 file: ELEANOR_VICTOR_19364-B.mp3 (752kb)

A folder in the Louis B. Schnauber/Film Music Society Collection, located within the UCLA Music Library Special Collections notes a silent film orchestral score written in part by "Deppen, Jessie L.(Mrs. Jessie Deppen McLeod), 1881-1956." The copyright office also contains records of a Jessie L. Deppen who wrote music for "Come Back Home" (1951) by Molly (Muriel P.) Donaldson with a "Mary C. McLeod" designated as an executor-claimant upon the work in 1979. (Deppen is also noted to have collaborated with Ted Donaldson and Molly Donaldson on a piece entitled, "The Roller Coaster Ride.")

It appears that Jessie L. Deppen and Rae Eleanor Ball had a working relationship as performer-collaborators upon occasion. Recordings of Ball on violin and Deppen on piano exist in the form of an Edison Re-Creation disc as they played "Carolina Lullaby," and "Underneath Hawaiian Skies." (#50816), and an Edison blue amberol cylinder recording of "Havana Moon" (#4482). Other titles may have been recorded as well; complete discographical information is unavailable.

Other popular tunes written by Jessie L. Deppen: "In the Garden of To-Morrow," "A Japanese Sunset," "Dance of the Robins," and "Skylark Waltz."

Gilda Tabarez notes that "Japanese Sunset" was used in films starring Warner Oland and Bela Lugosi. (See her page at: where you can hear this beautiful piece in midi format). Also, be sure to listen to Adam Burford's arrangements of "Dance of the Robins" and "Skylark Waltz" in mp3 format at: