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* If you collect, you can appreciate the cost of photographic stills. Each photo was a digital restoration project consuming hours of personal time and labor. The presentation of these pictures was a 'labor of love' for fans to enjoy. And, they were but a VERY SMALL SAMPLE of a collection which would have continued to expand. Due to the unethical behaviour of some profiteers and self-promoters, no new photos will be added here. You will have to content yourself with scouring the internet for what was once all in one place.

With the exception of the thumbnails, photos have been permanently removed. Far too often I have found them used for promoting some lousy mp3 collection on ebay, used on other sites, or the worst one yet -- printed out and sold to unsuspecting rubes on ebay! A link to this site or credit would have been nice from those who took for use on their websites. Even a big fat COPYRIGHT on the bottom of one photo was not a deterrant. Everything is out there somewhere. Good luck finding it.

Two Black Crows (Mack & Moran):

These vaudevillians split over creative differences (money) while 'on top'. They eventually got back together but had by that time already been upstaged by the Amos and Andy team. It is said that their performances afterword lacked the zest which formerly made them a top-rate act.

January 11, 1934: Car driven by Charlie Mack's wife, Myrtle Mack, has a rear tire blow-out in Arizona while on their way to Hollywood. Charlie Mack is killed instantly when the car topples over on top of him. George Moran, Mack Sennett, and Myrtle escape with injuries. George Moran tries to keep team going with several new partners later performing on U.S.O. tours. George suffered a stroke and died August 1, 1949.

(1933 - photo by Harold Stein)

Release Notes
Amos and Andy:
Charles Correll (left), Fred Allen (center), Freeman Gosden (right)
[Texaco Star Theater, CBS, Wednesday, May 7, 9:00-10:00 p.m. EDST]
Freeman Gosden (left), John Edgar Hoover (center), Charles Correll (right) - FBI-21-5; on the occasion of the team's visit to the Bureau at Washington, D.C.
A scene from "Check and Double Check"
Bing Crosby:
Bogart, Der Bingle, and Bacall
Gary Moore, Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby
Burns and Allen:
Young George Burns and Gracie Allen
Frank Sinatra:
Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante on Old Gold program (large cigarette pack hangs faintly in background)
Jack Benny:
Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone (rehersal?)
Mary Livingstone, Jack Benny and unknown man.
Jack Benny, Bogart, Bacall, and Mary Livingstone (Lucky Strikes Means Fine Tobacco "L.S.M.F.T." in background).
Jimmy Stewart:
This pic always reminds me of Jimmy's superb radio work on the "Six Shooter."
Lum and Abner:
Here's one of Lum and Abner in full regalia in the Jot 'Em Down Store doing their thing in front of the NBC mike. (This is also the "Easter Egg" in the Almanac section now in case you don't find it from there.)
The attached blurb on the back of the photo says "DESCRIPTION: Chet Lauck and Norris Goff / PROGRAM: Lum and Abner / BROADCAST: NBC-Blue - Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 6:30 p.m., EST"
If I have identified them correctly, they are (left to right) - Robert Benchley, (?), Dorothy Lamour, Bob Wills (in the hat), Charles Butterworth, Chester Lauck & Norris Goff, from a 1943 Mail Call program. Thanks to Ruth Meyer for this beautiful photo scan!!
Lum and Abner pose with Bob Wills (the King of Western Swing), 1943, on the occasion of their performance together on the Mail Call program. Abner (Norris Goff) was such a fan of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys that Bob dedicated the tune "San Antonio Rose" to him (since he wore his copy out) on the Tiffany Transcription version known as the "Lum and Abner Special." This tune can be found on Rhino's Tiffany Transcription CD volume 4.
[Chet Lauck (left), Bob Wills (center), Norris Goff (right)]
A third photo from the 1943 Mail Call program. This one is of Robert Benchley, Bob Wills, Charles Butterworth, and Chet Lauck (Lum).
Abner and friends Andy Devine and wife dining at the Wilshire Bowl (Brown Derby?)
[Norris Goff (left), Andy Devine (center), Andy Devine's wife (left)]
165 lb. watermelon used in Lum and Abner program - Dick Huddleston (?) on left with two unknown men. I'm guessing the melon was selected from a contest and the two men are possibly the judge and owner of the melon, at a county fair.
Low-resolution colorized interpretation of a classic photo image sent to fans. (GIF format).
An earlier and more rare premium photo sent to fans.
I don't need to tell you who these guys are.
Chet Lauck makes the transition to Columbus Eddards.
A NBC publicity shot of Chet and Tuffy at the controls.
Chet and Tuffy at the CBS mike.
Blurb: "The Boys" poke fun at the trick hat of their radio organist, Sibyl Chism.
The only time the comedy teams of Lum and Abner, Amos and Andy, and Laurel and Hardy were photographed together.
[Chet Lauck, Norris Goff, Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll, Stan Laurel, and Oliver Hardy]
Movie set Jot 'Em Down Store. Notice that Lum appears to be partially made-up.
Another Jot 'Em Down Store: Chet and Tuffy are pictured here in an early snapshot on stage with a painted back-drop store. Photo reportedly taken in-between shows at an Indiana theatre. This one is blown up a good bit -- the original photo is only about 1.5 x 2 inches.

Chet and Tuffy with script at table; CBS mic. Interesting shot with pack of Lucky Strikes nearby.
Portrait of Chet and Tuffy, sans make-up. Nice promotional shot.

Lum and Abner in the Movies

Bashful Bachelor
From untitled pre-release promotional photo, "LA2-Pub-A5: Lum and Abner (Chester Lauck and Norris Goff) and Louise Currie aboard the Pine Ridge fire truck watch a horse race at the County Fair in the next Lum and Abner picture, as yet untitled, to be released by RKO Radio pictures.
Abner and Louise Curry in a fine pic from Bashful Bachelor, courtesy of Ruth Meyer. Nice shot showing store interior/dry goods. (Also Mr. Dilbeck and rabbits, which you may remember from the 05-29-1941 to 06-17-1941 radio episodes.) Thank you Ruth!
A likeness of Louise Curry from another movie.
Dreaming Out Loud
Post Pictures Corp. presents Lum and Abner, The Famous Radio Stars in "DREAMING OUT LOUD" with Frances Langford, Bobs Watson and Phil Harris.
Publicity Still.
Blurb attached to photo: DO-27 Clara Blandick, Abner, and Donald Briggs are shown in a scene from "Dreaming Out Loud," Voco's production for RKO Radio Release. Lum and Abner star in this film of life in Pine Ridge, a small town in the Ozarks. -- Photo by Emmett Schoenbaum, 1940.]
Lum and Abner with child star Bobs Watson.
As with other publicity shots, this staged photo isn't totally in keeping with the movie scene. I believe this represents the scene in which Lum is trying to talk on the phone and repeatedly has to shush Abner, who is playing checkers with himself.
Two Weeks To Live
Post Pictures Corp. presents Lum & Abner, The Famous Radio Stars in "TWO WEEKS TO LIVE" with Franklin Pangborn and Rosemary La Planche.

Goin' To Town
Post Pictures Corp. presents Lum and Abner, The Famous Radio Stars in "GOIN' TO TOWN" with Barbara Hale, Florence Lake and N.T.G. with His Hollywood Beauties.

Partners in Time
So This is Washington

Blurb: Chet Lauck and Tuffy Goff (Lum and Abner) like the bucolic atmosphere of Pine Ridge intermixed with a bit of modern urban sophistication in their pictures---and they got this in "Dollar A Year Man" which swings them into cosmopolitan Washington, D.C. Here are Roger Clark and Mildred Coles, a romantic team, who supply the big town touch. [This must've been a pre-publicity photo; notice the suggested title 'Dollar A Year Man'.]


Author of mysteries, Sax Rohmer and his wife, author Elizabeth Rohmer, are depicted here aboard the S.S. Majestic as they arrive in New York City, September 21, 1932. The radio show "The Shadow of Fu Manchu" was patterned after his most popular series of tales.

Back of the photo reads:




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