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Spring 1998 - Issue 7.

This issue we are going to do something a little different. This year in the US there is a special program going on. It is the President's Initiative on Race. I have been working with The Asian American Village at Minorities' Job Bank. We are working to collect feedback and stimulate dialogue on racial issues. This feedback will be passed on to the President's Advisory Board on Race for their use as they formulate US policy on race going into the next century.

On the other side of the ocean, writer, friend and frequent contributor, Michael Holmboe Meyer, using literature as a tool, is working in Europe on their own race relations issues.

We will join them both, as we explore racism and its effects on the health and well being of us and our societies. From my own background and work with violence and trauma, I know one cannot live with the devastation that prejudice brings and escape unscathed. Somehow and in some way, we grasp for tiny shreds of sanity, often miles out of reach as we cope in a violent and insane world. In sadness, and of practical necessity we bring back the wisdom of those who have dedicated their lives to helping survivors of the most devastating of trauma.
Regina Garson, Editor.

Racism in Perspective:

These links are from the Village Sites at Minorities' Job Bank. Hate, violence and discrimination affect us all. For those oppressed, opportunities are lost, families and lives are destroyed. Even for those who hold tightly to their privilege, progress is stifled. Great scientists and thinkers, born to change history are never heard. Others who are strong and dare to speak are silenced as their lives are shattered. For those who do not have to live with it, understanding is often hard to come by. In these we seek for understanding and knowledge.

  • When Your Voice Isn't Heard, It Tends to Get Louder: -- By Lori Windle

  • The Browning Of America -- By Richard Rodriguez

  • ... the History of this Land -- By Nokwisa Yona

    Working Toward Change:

  • One America in the 21st Century: -- The President's Initiative on Race.

  • Michael Holmboe Meyer -- Nominated Director of the Scandinavian Delegation First Pave Peace Congress.

  • NGLTF Honors Coretta Scott King -- An Ongoing Legacy Of Fairness And Equality.

  • His Honor and the Kids -- By Kristin Helmore.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Lionel Traubman -- have devoted the last 15 years to successful Soviet-American and Jewish-Palestinian dialogue, at home and overseas. Learn from them ways you can actively move toward tolerance and understanding in your own community.

  • PFLAG Chapters Donate Fresh Views of Families to Libraries

  • Take Action -- Urge Your Senator & Representative to Support the Campus Hate Crimes Right to Know Act, H.R. 3043/S. 1493.

    We invite and request your feedback
    on Racism, it's Impact and Solutions
    in The President's Initiative on Race

    Share Your Comments on Racism

    Read the Dialogue on Racism

    When Change is Too Late:

  • Trauma Treatment Manual - By Dr. Edward L. Schmookler.
    Originally written for people working in the field with survivors of rape in Bosnia This manual reprinted with many thanks to Dr. Schmookler, can be used as a guide for helping anyone individual or family member who has survived any kind of trauma.

  • The Homeopathic Treatment Of Trauma -- By Ed Schmookler, PhD.

    Self-help Bulletin Board


  • The Power in the Process -- By Terre Seuss.

  • Aromatherapy: What's it all About? -- A collection of readings from the people at Mother Nature's

  • Do you Feng Shui? -- By Kathy Mann

  • Turning to God in Many Forms -- By Ruben Martinez.


  • Nobody Not Even Me -- By Bobbie Oskolkoff

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