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David Oates
On food... - Haiku moments.

sine nomine
a stupid depression poem

David Hunter Sutherland
Psalm 151

Alan Gullette
Stability Can Be Achieved

Norma Holt
Closeness of the Spiritual

Heather Garson

Hazel Witherspoon
I empty...

Regina Garson

Articles, Essay and Story

Michael Holmboe Meyer
Little things make life meaningful
Children of War

The Box that Wouldn't Fit
A woman stands by her daughter through the agony of rape and pregnancy. She shares what it is to find that same courage for her own battles.

Show yourself how much you care...
We have to take care of ourselves,
and teach our kids to take care of themselves.

Regina Garson
The Magic Stream
A fairy tale for grown-ups.

Literature and Writing Resources:
Literary e-zines, and selections of interest to writers.

The True Wit
Writing contest page.

Dedicated to all those travelers
who share in the one journey
that can never be made alone.

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Spring/Summer 1996
Issue 1, 1st Edition
Fall 1996 - Special Edition
Winter 1996-97 Edition

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