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Magic Stream is a self-help and mental health resource. Extensive references for mental health professionals, consumers, family members and individuals seeking self-help information and an aid to personal growth.

Combining an holistic approach to health, nutrition, and psychology with emotional wellness, Magic Stream seeks to provide a well rounded resource for wellness. Our philosophy is to do what we can to take care of our self both physically and mentally, make our self stronger, accept our self as we are, and seek help when it is needed. Regina Garson, Editor.

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Regular Features:

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Sharing in the Journey:

My Grief Journey -- By Whitney Lyons. I would like to share my journey of grief. I am a 37 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy and Mental Illnesses living in my first accessible apartment which is surrounded by elderly people. I was totally shocked by elders' reaction towards me when I suddenly lost my unique Dad of five years. You will understand why I think he is special as you read this true story.


Exercise Helps Keep Your Psyche Fit -- Research shows exercise to be a viable, cost-effective treatment for depression and may help in the treatment of other mental disorders.
Global Health and Fitness

Diets Don't Work... -- By Chad Tackett.
We Don't Fail Diets; They Fail Us! Dieting can help us lose weight (fat, muscle, and water) in the short term but is so unnatural and so unrealistic that it can never become a lifestyle that we can live with, let alone enjoy!


Why Married People Should Continue Dating -- By Michael Webb, "We tend to put our best foot forward during the courting ritual, then we get married..."

The Issues:

A Mother Speaks Out -- by Leslie Sadasivan. "For 2 years prior to his death the change in Robbie from a happy fun loving child to a reclusive moody teenager had profoundly affected our family. I initially dismissed his change in behavior as typical of being an adolescent. Little did I realize what the future held. "


What Makes People The Happiest? -- Researchers Say It's Not Money Or Popularity. APA Study finds autonomy, competence, relatedness and self-esteem at top of list of psychological needs.
Catharsis Increases Rather Than Decreases Anger And Aggression -- Contrary to popular belief, venting anger through physical aggression-such as hitting a punching bag or a pillow-does not decrease one's anger. According to new research, such acting out only increases a person's hostility.
New Online Service Offers Quick Answers to Questions About Hospital Care -- HCUPnet—that permits policymakers, researchers and others to send questions about inpatient hospital care in the United States over the Internet and receive answers within seconds.
Protected or Neglected? -- A Preventable Disease "Report Card" on Older Adults Shows Few Passing Grades. Children get much better grades than adults over 65 for immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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