The Possibilities

You've often heard, "imagine the possibilities." Well, now you don't have to! Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator can do it for you. When you check "Show the possibilities", the Generator will do just that. It will show the various ways of rearranging the generated names. For individual names, this includes hyphenating, compounding, or even reversing them. For team names, this means reversing and adding "of" or simply reversing For example:

The incredible Yak Lord (Yak-lord, Yaklord, Lord Yak, Lord-yak, Lordyak)
Death Doom (Death-doom, Deathdoom, Doom Death, Doom-death, Doomdeath)
Evil Quartet of Paris (Quartet Evil, Quartet of Evil)

Notes: Some of the possibilities are much better than others. Names containing prefixes or suffixes don't have other possibilites.

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Created: 1 Oct 1996; Last Modified: 6 Mar 1997