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**Fort Wilderness Discounts**

AAA Special Rates

During the least busy times of the year (typically during Value Season) AAA members have been able to get 20% off campsites. I don't know about the Cabins but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Use (407) W-DISNEY to make reservations..

Annual Passholder Rates

Annual passholders are eligible for significant discounts on Cabins and campsites throughout the year. Availability varies and many times rates aren't announced until three or four months in advance so keep an eye out in your Mickey Monitor or call the Annual passholder line at (407) 560-7277.

Other Discount Rates

Disney keeps close track of room bookings and when those bookings fall below projections they react by offering resort discounts.  The best source for keeping track of this frequently changing activity is to visit Mary Waring's website.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground was opened in November of 1971. The resort has 788 mostly shaded campsites and 407 air-conditioned Wilderness Cabins residing on more than 700 acres of lush vegetation and pine and cypress trees. It is not unusual to see wildlife such as rabbits, deer, armadillos, ducks, turkey, geese, and peacocks roaming the grounds. Below are the more frequently asked questions concerning this fabulous resort.

Here's Disney's color Fort Wilderness map (large).

Here's Disney's color Fort Wilderness recreational map. (large).

You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view it but here's a pdf format Disney Property Map.

Click  for the Fort Wilderness photo gallery. 

How do I get to Fort Wilderness (FW)?

Take exit 62 from I-4 to Magic Kingdom/World Drive. Stay in the right lane. Follow World Drive to the MK main entrance/toll booth and tell the attendant you are staying at FW and/or show them your reservation. They will wave you through. Following the FW signs, you will turn right on Vista Blvd. The FW resort entrance will be on the left.
What can I expect at check-in?
Check-in at FW is essentially the same as at other Disney resorts. If you're staying in a Wilderness Cabin, park at the Reception Outpost and check-in at the front desk. If you're checking in early, you may store you baggage in the secure storage area behind the front desk. Here you will receive a copy of the FW Gazette and your resort IDs. If you would like charging privileges on your resort IDs and/or you would like to use express checkout, you can do so by providing the Cast Member (CM) a credit card at this time. The FW Gazette contains lots of information about the campground including a map, transportation information, and internal phone numbers for various recreational activities and services. If you are driving your own vehicle or rental, you will then be given directions to your Cabin. If you do not have a vehicle, you will be driven to your Cabin via an electric cart.

Guests in recreational vehicles and those planning to tent camp will remain in their vehicles and register at one of several drive-through windows at the Reception Outpost. Here you will receive a detailed description of the campground, a copy of the FW Gazette and your resort IDs. Again, if you would like charging privileges on your resort IDs and/or would like to use express checkout, you can do so by providing the CM with your credit card at this time

What are the Wilderness Homes like and what are the rates?
All Wilderness Homes have now been replaced with Wilderness Cabins.
What are the Fort Wilderness Cabins like and what are the rates?
The 2009 rates can be found by clicking here.  The 407 Wilderness Cabins (WC) are about the same size (504 sq feet) as the old Wilderness Homes with essentially the same layout. The major differences are that the Cabins come with a wood deck on the outside, a video cassette player in the living room and a dining table that seats six instead of four. The Cabins also feature a safe, hairdryer, iron, ironing board and portable crib. All Cabins come with a fully equipped kitchen, including microwave, dishwasher and coffee maker, a full bathroom (includes a combo tub/shower) and a separate vanity in the bedroom, and a living room with sofa, pull down double Murphy bed, video cassette player and color television. For a complete kitchen inventory click here. NOT INCLUDED are salt, pepper, sugar (or sweetener), coffee, coffee filters, or small drinking glasses for the bathroom. The Cabins also have "enhanced wilderness theming" which includes furniture that appears to be made from branches and a log cabin-like veneer exterior. The bedroom in the Cabins has a double bed and bunk beds ;therefore, Cabins will sleep 6 persons.  There are 13 Wilderness Cabins that are set up to be handicap-accessible, all located on loop 2800. Finally, only 10 Cabins, all located in the 2400 loop, are designated smoking Cabins. Smoking is prohibited inside all other Cabins but is permitted outside. Interior and exterior photos of the Cabins are located in the FW Photo Gallery.
The number of Cabins in each loop is as follows:  2100 - 44 cabins; 2200 - 44 cabins; 2300 - 30 cabins; 2400 - 49 cabins; 2500 - 33 cabins; 2600 - 65 cabins; 2700 - 72 cabins; 2800 - 70 cabins.  Additionally, there are two cabins located on campsites 118 and 120 in the 100 loop that are used exclusively by Disney VIPs and other corporate types.  Finally there is an unfurnished single cabin near the 2300 loop that is used by Housekeeping.

Guest Comments on Wilderness Cabins

What are the campsites like and what are the rates?
The 2009 rates for the campsites can be found by clicking here.  There are 788 conventional campsites at FW located in 20 loops (100 through 2000). Most sites are fairly secluded from one another by a generous growth of brush and trees between sites, though the hurricanes of 2004 did some damage. All but two campsites are back-ins and are a combination of paved driveway, which ranges in length from 25 to 60 feet, and sandy pad. There are two pull through sites in the 1200 loop. Each site is approximately 25 feet wide and comes with a picnic table and charcoal grill. All sites have electricity (20/30/50 amps) and city water. There are 695 full hookup sites that also provide sewer. The 90 partial hookup sites, primarily used by tent campers and those with tent trailers, are located on loops 1500 and 2000.  The number of campsites in each loop is as follows:  100 loop - 25; 200 loop - 37; 300 loop - 63; 400 loop - 33; 500 loop - 56; 600 loop - 22; 700 loop - 35; 800 loop - 74; 900 loop - 32; 1000 loop - 23; 1100 loop - 24; 1200 loop - 22; 1300 loop - 34; 1400 loop - 61; 1500 loop - 21; 1600 loop - 46; 1700 loop - 41; 1800 loop - 32; 1900 loop - 38; 2000 loop - 69.

There are three categories of campsites at FW, non-preferred, preferred and premium. Preferred sites include a cable TV hookup and are located near the Settlement Trading Post, Pioneer Hall and marina areas. Loops 100 through 500 and loops 700 and 1400 contain the preferred campsites. Non-preferred sites have no cable hookup and are located farther from the Pioneer Hall/marina area. Preferred sites are $9/day more during value season, $8/day more during pre-holiday season, $6/day more during regular and peak season and $5/day more during the holiday season. There is room to park one vehicle per site (in addition to the camping vehicle) and each site is limited to 10 people. Additional parking is available at the main parking lot. Check-in time for the campsites is 1:00pm; however, early arrivers will be allowed to check in if their campsite is ready. Check-out is at 11:00am. Multiple tents or combinations of campers and tents can occupy a site; however, there is a $2 charge per adult when there are more than two adults per campsite. Weekly and monthly discounts are sometimes available in the off season.

Guest Comments on Campsites

Was there ever a train running inside Fort Wilderness?
Yes, old time steam trains began running in Fort Wilderness back in 1973. The steam trains served as transportation for guests around the campground up until 1977, when they were decommissioned. Two of the cars were repainted and made into ticket booths at Pleasure Island. The trains sat around for years rusting in the Florida humidity but I'm happy to report they have been rescued by the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society.  For more information about the CPHS, Walt Disney's railroad interests or possibly how to become a restoration crew member, visit CPHS's wonderful website.  I've been asked not to provide too many details but was given permission to include this photo of one of the salvaged trains.  Remnants of the track can still be see at various places throughout Fort Wilderness. (First three photos from "The Walt Disney Railroad Story" by Michael Broggie.  The salvaged train photo is courtesy of Michael Campbell)

For more background information on the Fort Wilderness Railroad as well as more pictures and the only video online of the train in operation that I'm aware of, visit Dave Rose's excellent Fort Wilderness Railroad website.

What is this I hear about a real cabin at Fort Wilderness?
There was a single real cabin on site 1205 that was available for guest booking. Unfortunately, it has been dismantled and moved to another location within the campground where it serves as an interpretive center and is no longer available for guest reservation. It was a small cabin, I estimate maybe 12 by 15 feet, which contained two sets of bunk beds. One set was a twin over a full size bed, the second was a twin over twin; therefore, the cabin slept 5. There was electricity and a fan but no heat or air-conditioning. There was no sink or toilet in the cabin. Guests had to use the comfort station. There was no maid service and guests had to bring their own linens. The rate for the cabin was $15 over the going rate for a partial hookup site. Guests that stayed there all seemed to like it but I guess Disney didn't consider the test a success.
What things should I remember to bring?
For Cabins and Campers Flashlight or lantern, insect repellant, charcoal and matches
Specifically For Campers: Extension cord, rope or clothesline cord, toolbox, fire extinguisher, hatchet/ax, broom and dustpan, trash bags, outdoor rug/door mat, portable heater, water pressure regulator, drinking water hose, gray water hose and holding container, wheel chocks, leveling blocks, roll of quarters for laundry, laundry detergent, trailer hitch latch pin and trailer lock, and last but certainly not least, the keys to your trailer and any locks.
Are there plenty of comfort stations and are they clean?
There are 15 comfort stations strategically located through the campground. Many loops have their own comfort station; however, some of the smaller loops share a single centrally-located station. The comfort stations are all air conditioned and include private showers, restrooms, laundry rooms, pay and house phone and ice machines ($2 per 7 lb bag). They are open 24 hrs a day with the exception of the laundry. The comfort station doors have card key security locks that are activated from midnight to 6 am. The comfort stations are generally clean but as of late we've found them to be more and more cluttered. At one time they were cleaned twice a day and more frequently if needed, but with Eisner's cost-cutting mentality the comfort stations cleanliness has suffered as they are only cleaned once a day now. Photos of a comfort station can be found in the FW Photo Gallery.
Which are the best loops?
Best is a subjective term. Generally, campers want to be near the Settlement Trading Post on the north end of FW which would allow them to be close to the FW marina and beach, Pioneer Hall, and guest services. Loops in this area are 100 through 500 and 700. Others may want to be more near the center of FW near the Meadow Trading Post, the campfire program, the main swimming pool, tennis courts and Bike Barn. Loops in this area are 600, 800 through 1600. For those campers that want to be a little farther away from the action and are looking for quieter surroundings, loops 1700 through 2000 are best. Guests in Cabins are located in loops 2100 through 2800. 2100 is the closest to the center of the resort plus cabins 2133 through 2138 provide very close access to the 1100 loop Comfort Station, which can come in very handy when the single cabin bathroom gets crowded.   Loops 2200 through 2800 get increasingly farther away as the loop number increases with 2800 being the closest to the south end of the resort near the entrance.
Is there security at the campground?
Yes. All guests must pass through a manned security checkpoint to get their vehicles into the resort. Additionally, security personnel patrol the resort. There are safes in the Wilderness Cabins and safe storage for valuables is also available at the Front Desk. There are security locks on the comfort stations that require a valid resort ID to open. The locks are activated from midnight to 6 am.
How is the transportation system at FW?
Disney has implemented yet another bus system within the resort beginning April 1, 2002. There are three color-coded internal buses running - Purple, Orange and Yellow. Guests can use these buses to travel to points within the resort and also use them to travel to either the Settlement Depot bus stop or the Outpost Depot bus stop.  From the Settlement Depot, guests can transfer to a bus to the Transportation and Ticket Center, Wilderness Lodge or catch a bus to MGM Studios.  From the Outpost Depot, guests can catch buses to Epcot, Animal Kingdom/Blizzard Beach, or Typhoon Lagoon/Downtown Disney.

Inside FW, motorized vehicle traffic is prohibited except when entering or leaving the resort; therefore, you can walk, ride bikes or utilize the bus system. The single most important thing you can do to make use of the buses as painless and efficient as possible is to look at the Bus Routes posted at each bus stop. Know where you are and where it is you want to go. There are numerous covered bus stops throughout FW. Guests may request to be near a bus stop when they make their reservations. Waits for buses are usually no more than 10-15 minutes but can be more, especially at night after a Hoop-dee-Doo show lets out.

Do I need a golf cart to get around inside Fort Wilderness and how much are they?
Fort Wilderness is a large resort area.  The Fort Wilderness map says the campground is "1 mile as the crow flies" long but the odometer on our Explorer says it's more than that - more like 1.5 miles.  I'd estimate it is about one half mile wide.  As mentioned above there are internal buses running within the campground to get you to the marina, the Trading Posts, pools, etc. but bus waits can be up to 20 minutes.  It is very much of an advantage time-wise to either have bicycles or to have the electric golf carts.  Carts can be rented for $47/day (tax not included) at the Bike Barn (407 824-2742); however, the supply is limited so call ahead to reserve a cart. Fort Wilderness carts may be reserved up to one year in advance.

A convenient and less expensive alternative to the Fort Wilderness carts was Golf Carts of Central Florida, which would deliver a cart to your Wilderness Cabin or campsite and pick it up and the end of your stay.  Unfortunately, Disney put a stop to this service in the middle of October 2001. If they are able to start back up, I'll be sure to update this section.

Are there good places to eat in FW?

Are groceries available at Fort Wilderness?

Yes. Basic groceries (milk, bread, juice, cereal, sandwich meats, bacon, sausage, eggs, canned vegetables, frozen dinners, pizza, stuff for spaghetti, chips, hot dogs, etc.) limited camping supplies, and souvenirs are available at both the Meadow and Settlement Trading Posts. Expect to pay somewhat higher prices though for the convenience. Here is a subset of items and costs in June 2006. Refillable mugs are available at the Trail's End Restaurant for $11.99, which includes free refills for coffee and tea (not soft drinks). The mugs may also be refilled at the Meadow Trading Post (self serve) and at the Meadow pool snack bar (self serve). Groceries may also be purchased at Goodings, which is located in the Crossroads area. The Trading Posts are essentially the same except the Meadow Trading Post has a slightly better selection and includes a soft serve ice cream machine. The Meadow Trading Post is also easier to navigate in if you are using a wheelchair or electric conveyance vehicle.
Can you rent camping gear at FW?
Yes. However, the official policy for Fort Wilderness is that rental tents and cots are only available to groups of 20 or more using Creekside Meadow, the primitive camping area. However, official policy and practice seem to differ. Individuals have rented equipment before and I've called FW myself and been told they do rent equipment to individuals if they have it available and a group hasn't already made arrangements to rent it. Tents are $30 per night, cots are $3 per night, so it's not cheap. Also, if you do stay in Creekside Meadow, the cost is $10 per person (20 person minimum). For group reservations, call (407) 939-7807 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.
Where do I rent bikes, golf carts, tennis equipment, etc.?
The Bike Barn is located behind the Meadow Trading Post. Guests may go here to rent bicycles, canoes, peddle boats, kayaks, golf carts and equipment for fishing and tennis. Rental rates can be found by clicking here. Life vests (provided) must be worn by all guests while in the boats. Gear for shuffleboard is complimentary to guests with valid FW resort IDs. The phone number is (407) 824-2742. Note: Surrey bikes may be rented at the Fort Wilderness marina.
Does FW allow pets?
Yes. Pets are allowed at campsites in loops 1600 through 1900, 300, 700 and 800 but must be kept in those areas. Depending on the season and demand, Fort Wilderness might also temporarily designate certain loops as pet loops. There is an additional charge of $5 per day. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Located at the entrance/exit of the pet loops, there is a receptacle to deposit pet waste, as well as collection bags with which to pick up the waste. Collection bags are also located between sites #1632 and #1634 beside the path to the comfort station. Pets may also be boarded at the kennel near the FW entrance. Note there are kennels elsewhere on Disney property if you can't get your pet in the Fort Wilderness kennel. The overnight fee (including dry food) for WDW resort guests is $9. Guests are encouraged to walk their pets at least twice per day as they are not otherwise let out of their cages. Proof that the animal has had all of its shots is also required. Hours for the kennel are 7:30 am to 8 pm. It is being rumored that the Fort Wilderness kennel may be closed in yet another downsizing move. However, to compensate, Fort Wilderness may be adding more pet loops (500 and 600 loops). For guest comments on the kennel click here
Are there laundry facilities at the campground?
Yes. There are washers and dryers located in each comfort station. The washers are $2, the dryers $2 per 30 minutes. Vending machines for laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach ($1) are also provided. There is a laundry located at the Cabin swimming pool as well. For those that don't want to do their own laundry, bags are left in the closet of each Cabin that will be picked up by Housekeeping. Campers may contact Housekeeping as well for laundry bags and service. Laundry picked up by 8:30am is returned by 7:00pm, except on Sundays and holidays.
When does the Campfire program begin and what is it like?
The Campfire Program is open to all WDW resort guests. It generally begins around 7:00 pm during the fall/winter season and 8 pm after the time changes in April through the summer. It is held near the Meadow Trading Post in the campfire area. The program begins with a sing-a-long led by a Disney CM and a marshmallow roast around two campfire rings. You may bring your own marshmallows or buy them at the Chuckwagon (roasting sticks and marshmallows are $2.15). You may also buy pizza, hot dogs, candy, nachos, juice, popcorn, cokes, coffee, beer and other refreshments at the Chuckwagon. While this is going on, Chip and Dale make an appearance to visit with guests and sign autographs. The sing-a-long lasts about 30 minutes. Next, one or two Disney animated features, depending upon the season, are shown on a large outdoor screen. Seating is available in bleachers or on benches. There is also plenty of room to lay out a quilt or blanket. The movie schedule is posted at all comfort stations. In the event of rain, the sing-a-long is still held on the porch of the Meadow Trading Post. 
What is the Hoop-dee-Doo Revue and how do I get to it?
The Hoop-dee-doo Revue is the most popular and longest running dinner show offered at WDW. For comments on the show click here. The show is held at 5:00, 7:15 and 9:30 pm nightly at Pioneer Hall (note - Disney sometimes cancels the 9:30pm show during the "slow" times). Reservations are a must (407-939-3463) and can be made up to two years in advance. To get there, FW guests may board a Purple, Yellow or Orange internal bus to the Settlement Depot. Non FW guests may get to Pioneer Hall by driving to FW and parking in the visitor lot then catching a bus at the Outpost Depot. One can also drive to the Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge and take the boat launch to the FW marina. Another way, depending on the hours at the Magic Kingdom, are to take a resort bus to the MK and then take a boat from the MK to the Fort Wilderness marina. Pioneer Hall is a very short walk from the marina.  The menu for the Revue is:  Fresh baked bread, tossed green salad with vinaigrette dressing, country fried chicken, smoked BBQ pork ribs, corn, baked beans, strawberry shortcake, coffee, soft drinks, hot and iced tea, unlimited beer and sangria.  The cost for adults and children, including tax and gratuity, is $50.22 adult and $25.43 child.
How do I get to River Country?
Disney announced in January 2005 that River Country is permanently closed.
Are there pools and where are they located?
Yes. There are two heated outdoor swimming pools available for FW resort guests only. The main pool is located near the Meadow Trading Post in the center of the campground and the second smaller pool is co-located with the Wilderness Cabins, between loops 2500 and 2700, which is more near the resort entrance. Lifeguards man the pools on a seasonal basis. Lounge chairs and tables are provided. There is a shallow kiddie pool at the main pool. Also, child-sized life vests are available at the pools free of charge. The pools are open 24 hours/day, 7 days a week; however guests are encouraged to be respectful of other guests by observing the "quiet time" after 10:30 pm.
Can Fort Wilderness Guests Use Other Resorts Pools?
No. Fort Wilderness guests may not use the pools at other resorts (otherwise known as pool hopping).
Do they offer horseback rides at Fort Wilderness?
Guided horseback rides are offered 5 times daily (8:30, 10, 11:30 am, 1, 2:30pm) at the Tri-Circle D Livery at Fort Wilderness. The rides, which cost $42 per person, last approximately 45 minutes. Riders must be at least 9 years old and can weigh no more than 250 pounds. The horses are tame and walk pretty much single file during the ride. If you're an experienced rider, this ride may be too dull for you. If you've not had an opportunity to ride a horse before or have done so rarely, this ride may be just what you're looking for. To make reservations, call (407) 824-2832. It is strongly suggested that you wear long pants and that you do not wear open-toed or heeled shoes. To get to the Tri-Circle D Livery, you can drive to and park in the Fort Wilderness Visitor parking lot and walk; board a Fort Wilderness bus at the TTC and take it to the resort; take the Fort Wilderness boat from the marina at the Magic Kingdom to the Fort Wilderness marina and then walk to the Settlement Depot bus stop where you'd then board an internal bus to the Outpost Depot.
Is Fort Wilderness handicap accessible?
For the most part yes. For specifics and first hand impressions, click here.
What other recreational activities are available at FW?
There are so many fun things to do at FW that some campers never leave the resort. Activities/facilities include (not including tax):
How do I contact Ft. Wilderness?
Ft. Wilderness is at 4510 N. Ft. Wilderness Dr. Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000. Phone is: 407-824-2900; Fax is: 407-824-3508.
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