Hoop-De-Doo Comments

We NEVER go to WDW without going to the HDD. I and my kids have starred in the product a number of times. The food is average, the show is GREAT. If you think about spending the $170 for a family of four and look at it as for food, you will not be happy. If you consider it entertainment dollars, and Disney kicks in the food as it's part of the show, you can't miss. When you make the reservations, you are warned to get your tickets early. You can't expect them to hold tables until the last minute and miss out on entertaining some guests! Treat it like the theater. (ed badger, 1/97)

I've been to the HDD five times in the past 20 years, the last time in '91 (on my honeymoon!). I've always thought it was a lot of fun. I saw someone's post describe the show as being like "Hee Haw", and that's not far off. Same cornball humor, with some intentionally hokey gags and slapstick humor, interspersed with some very good singing and dancing as well. I remember the food being kind of average -- not bad at all, and lots of it, but I've had better. However, as for the value, I'm not sure it's worth the price. I always went because I was on a vacation plan that included it, but if I had to pay ~$45/person to go, I don't think I would have. I mean, for that kind of cash, I've been to see touring productions of major Broadway plays!! And sorry, the HDD doesn't compare to Phantom or Les Mis. (, 1/97)

Hoop-Dee-Doo is a great time - super place to go with kids; Funny, entertaining, don't think ANYONE could keep a straight face no matter how jaded and cynical he/she was. And the jokes/gags/pratfalls work for ages 5 to 95! My kids love ribs, fried chicken, and strawberry shortcake (not that my wife and I don't, mind you!) so the meal was great as far as we were concerned. ("Gil Bishop", 1/97)

In regard to HDD, yes, it's quite expensive and it's not the finest dining you can find at WDW. However, it is one of the few experiences that was thoroughly enjoyed by every member of our party (ages from 6 to 59), including my very jaded pre-teen sons who grudgingly admitted afterward that they loved it. Also, the food, while not fancy, was really pretty good IMO, and was probably the only meal that everyone *truly* enjoyed and the only time my 6 y/o daughter ate anything other than spaghetti, pizza, or hot dogs during the entire week. So for my money's worth, HDD provided a very tasty and filling dinner, an evening's entertainment for my entire family, and a nice warm fuzzy Disney-type feeling. (Linda J Tomsho, 1/97)

We did HDD Xmas 95-2 adults, 16, 15 & 5 yr old. The teenagers were so so on it. The 5 yr old did not like it-we still joke about going back and she still says "NO Hoop-e-do!" Show was OK, chicken was fabulous as Vinnie at Crocketts Tavern said it would be no matter where you ate it at the World. Ribs-well I have had better. Shortcake was good. We decided not to do it this October. Hope this helps. Final opinion-try it at least once and decide for yourself-your on vacation-experience different things! ("K.R. Ziarkowski", 1/97)

You may not hear this from anybody else, but I've GOT to say that the Hoop De Doo was the biggest disappointment of my entire Disney life! I'll give the run-down in brief, and then y'all can set upon my carcass. (Reminder! I am a Disney FAN, and this is not a troll.)1. No one told us we had to pick up the tickets in advance. We showed up (early) for our "confirmed" reservation and all seats were gone. They fudged us four seats - separate! No apology, no explanation as to how we were supposed to know about the "pick up tickets to REALLY confirm your confirmation" rule, no offer of any reparations.

2. No one gave us any guidance as to where to park to catch which bus, etc. We drove around a lot - in the dark, in various parking lots - trying to get to the right place. Before and after the show, the buses were packed. The choice became "split up and meet at the car, where ever it is" or "wait together who knows how long for another bus". 3. The food was lousy. Greasy, bland, overcooked. (But there was plenty of it!) 4. The show was nothing special. Dad & Mom were in such a bad mood by the time it started that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway. The kids (ages 6 & 11) liked it.

Over all, a nightmare night. I'd never go back, and I'd never tell anyone to go. As I said, I'm a big fan and I didn't think WDW could do *anything* to disappoint me. I was *wrong*. It wasn't our first visit, and we had been to other dinner shows, so we thought we knew what to expect... You can find us at the Diamond Horseshoe at least once every trip - better food, better service, and a much better show. (, 1/97)

HDD is the classic Disney dinner theater. Performers who have been doing the same show since before your kids were born, but who still do it well (they added a line about the macarena last summer). They come by and introduce themselves to you and ask questions - one noted that she entered the same "race for the cure" fundraiser that my t-shirt was commemorating. Everything in the show is timed to the second, however, so they don't spend time with you like a character breakfast- just breeze on past. The format is: you enter and are seated at tables assigned when you made your reservation. The earlier you reserve, the closer to the front. Some people reserve a year in advance.

There are about thirty tables on the first floor and a balcony area for the overflow. Tables, napkins, server's shirts, etc. are bright red and white checked cloth. Pioneer Hall is decorated like an old-time western hall. Lots of wood, columns. Food is messy finger-food, and includes ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, beans (yes, they have forks), green salad, strawberry shortcake. Reasonable portions served family-style (servers plunk large pewter buckets of food on the table and you pass it around and serve yourself). You can ask for more of anything. Soft drinks are dispensed and refreshed by the servers on request. Theme is an old-time western traveling road show. You are entertained by banjo and/or piano music for the first round, while the "stage" is delayed en route. Then the players arrive and it's essentially non-stop singing and dancing, with some audience participation (see below), from then on. The ensemble is traditional; there's a heroic male and a strong female lead, a "ditzy" blonde and her airhead beau, a clown and his sassy girl. Most of the singing and dancing is on the stage, but the audience participates in several portions: saying where they're from, celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries and the occasional proposal, and at the end of the show, a few people are selected from the audience for special roles in the show. I was one who was selected to be the "star of the show" (because of my, shall we say, ample proportions and exuberant style), and someday I'll write about it. Our kids, ranging from 4 through 12 thoroughly loved the show.

It's corny enough for kids, with a little risque humor for adults. The audience always howls with laughter (and especially when I wore the pink tu-tu). It is very expensive, but you're not paying for the food, but for the entertainment. It'll be an evening to remember. If you're in the right mood, it's a whale of a show. You'll keep singing afterwards as you file out. Of course, if you're not into broad slapstick and high energy singing and dancing, maybe you could look into one of the shows outside Disney. There's a good selection, including horses, magic, western, mystery, and lots more. Some are bigger on special effects or pageantry or horses. Generally the outside shows are a little cheaper than Disney, but HDD is an institution. BTW, there's a rumor that the show will be completely revamped soon, so all this may be changed by the time you get there. Be sure to check before you go. At any show, to get your money's worth, be in a good mood (try smiling; it works), relax, and participate wildly and with abandon. It also helps to eat a bunch. It won't be the greatest food, but keep in the spirit of the show. (, 1/97)

I'm seeing lots of negative comments about HoopDeeDoo so had to throw the other side in. We've been to the show twice and loved it both times. We think it's great entertainment, fantastic food and loads of fun. We're headed to WDW in May for our 20th anniversary and have made reservations again. For our family, it's a MUST SEE. We made our reservations quite early each time and thus received great seats. We had no trouble getting our tickets and knowing where to go. There are always people who try to blame Disney for not "informing" them enough, but often I think they just aren't listening when Disney tells them, IMHO. If we had only one Disney show to see, it would be HoopDeeDoo! (Bill Landau, 1/97)

We've been twice. Once on the ground floor and once in the balcony. If we knew for sure we'd get the ground floor, we'd do it again. If we knew we'd get the balcony, we'd never go back. The servers in the balcony don't participate in the show. You essentially watch the guests on the main floor have fun. Price is same. If you can get the ground floor, by all means, GO! (, 1/97)

We've been twice before (both were first nights on the trip and on or near my husband's birthday) and enjoyed the performances. We've always felt that this show really helps us get into the Walt Disney World mood and enjoy our vacation even more. In fact when I made room reservations for our November '97 trip the only question my husband asked was "Aren't we going to Hoop-de-Doo"? I had to hurry and call back for reservations!!! Guess I know how he feels! Our son, now 10, also asked if we were going. He remembers with fun his first time at age 4 when he was singled out in the balcony for his red hair. (Kathy M., 2/97)