Handicap-Accessible Wilderness Homes

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Last Updated: 6/26/99

The following was contributed by Lisa Crawford. Thank you Lisa!

Tried the Ft Wilderness Cabins over Christmas and although they are not handicapped accessible they are fine if you are able to go up a few steps. There is a spot next to the steps where and EMV can be parked and with an extension cord plugged in to the outside plug and charged. Of course you will need a cover for your EMV. I actually prefer the Cabins as they are nicely appointed. The extras really make it there.

The buses are now about 95% accessible. Depending on the water level the boats are accessible from the Ft Wilderness marina to the MK. Tip is to be the first on and last off if possible. This allows the boat to be as close to level with the dock as possible.

Backyard Barbecue is accessible but rough. If you ask they will bring you in through the entrance to River Country where it is paved instead of over the wood chip area.

In February 1997 I stayed in one of the 8 Wilderness Homes set up for handicapped guests. The Homes are in the middle of the 2800 loop 4 on each side. Each has ramps leading up to the deck on one side of the Home. You can enter through either of the doors. The picnic table and barbeque grill are also located on the deck and not at ground level. Inside is set up like a regular Home except instead of a tub in the bathroom there is a roll-in shower and a pull down seat for those who don't need to roll in. You do need something to hold your supplies as the seat is slippery. A folded wash cloth does fine to keep things from slipping. There are 2 shower heads, one on the wall side of the Home and one next to the seat. Both are adjustable in height or can be removed and hand held.

If you use a cane as I do, rent an ECV if you can prior to arrival and have it delivered. I rented from Care Florida and found them to be excellent. You either give them a credit card or pay the full amount in cash up front. No extra deposit. It is a long walk from the Homes to the bus stop if you have difficulty walking. (next trip I will have my own ECV). Also this way you don't have your day messed up when there is no ECV available at the theme park.

Since this time I didn't bring my car with me, I used the buses to get everywhere. About 75% of the time the bus was lift equipped. If one wasn't the next one would be. The boat to the Magic Kingdom is accessible for an ECV but you should try to board first and leave last to allow the boat to rise to dock level. One thing that I found with the buses was some of the drivers really didn't want to load the ECV (maybe they should be driving buses without lifts) and much of the time the tiedowns were not properly used. It may be fine to leave a w/c with one tiedown loose (the one towards the inside wall) but with an ECV it allows the front of the ECV swing in an arc and is not safe.

I did not find any area of Ft Wilderness inaccessible including the Petting Zoo.

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