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The following was contributed by James Minekime. Thank you James!

I am "just a country dentist" from Pennsylvania who loves Disney world and camping. We had our first experience at Ft. Wilderness this past November and it was great. We are planning another trip the same time next year and want to make this an annual family outing. Since our beagle Mickey is part of the family, we took him along. The kennels at Ft. Wilderness were great. Even though opening time was 7 a.m., no one seemed to mind too much if I was 15 minutes early. The staff was very friendly and they are somewhat flexible on the exercising schedule. Since Mickey is crate trained and used to spending the day in his kennel, we were allowed to walk him once a day as long as we didn't stay out past 5 or 6 p.m. if we were going to stay out later, I walked him at least twice. They do keep track on a master list how often you walk your pet. The kennel is very clean and water and food are provided (two feedings daily or bring your own). They do accommodate "special needs" pets, but I think you are expected to take a more active role if medication or special diets are required. He had a clean towel in his cage every morning and you are encouraged to bring any special toys or blankets etc. That your pet may want. For 9 bucks a day, you can't beat it. And, since Mickey spent every night with us, there was no separation anxiety for either him or us. I strongly recommend the Disney kennels for any campers who have pets and don't want to go on vacation without them.

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