Retro Tank Super Attack Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AANode_tThe node data used to track the structure of an AA-Tree
AATreeRemovalData_tUsed by AATreeRemove() to store data used to remove items from the tree
BattleFieldError_tA description with human readible error data from the last error while reading in a battlefield file
ClientData_tStores information on a client for use on the server
ConfigFileStackFrame_tContains a stack entry used to track files parsed to load the battle field
DisplayInfo_tContains globally accessible information about the display
GameOptions_tStores information on the current game's options
INetAddr_tStores an IPv4 or IPv6 network address
Layer_tDescribes a layer for rendering
MenuItem_tRepresents a user interface component on a menu
MenuSettings_tA collection of information entered by the user at the menu that is moved to other data structures for gameplay
MsgDescr_tDescribes a message, including who should receive it and data needed to handle acknowledgments
NetBuffer_tThe buffer type used to store messages sent and received over the network
NetStatData_tThe data needed by the network status menu item while it is in use
Notice_tThe data kept to describe visible notices
Obstacle_tThe representation of impassible objects in the game world
Operation_tStores information on a queued operation
Player_tThe data describing a player in the game and player options
RenderItem_tThe fundamental unit for a visible rectangular region
ScoreUpdate_tA store of score updates used to retain updates over a frame and send them all out together
SocketAddr_tStores an IPv4 or IPv6 socket address
State_tA set of function pointers to functions that implement an operating state
TimeSample_tData from a single time sync sample
UpdateList_tContains a list of rectangles that must be updated
UpdateTimes_tStores the time of the last acknowledged update for each of the different parts of the player data
Vector_tA generic vector that can hold a varying number of items that are all the same size

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