Non-source code files

These files are included with the source code.


A style sheet that makes the HTML output from Doxygen look prettier to me.


The Doxygen configuration that generates documentation from the source code in a format close to what I would like.
Doxygen generated call graphs will include functions who's name is referenced to set a function pointer, but not actually called.
If a function is tagged with relates, Doxygen names it as a member of the related struct C++ style. This is C. I would like the docs to list the function as related, but maintain its correct name without any C++ style syntax.
If a function is tagged with relatesalso, it appears twice in the documentation -- once under its own name, and once as if it was a C++ member function of the related struct. Ideally, such funtions should have a summary entry in the file documentation, the module documentation, and the struct documentation, but all should list the function once with its correct name without any C++ style syntax.
Comments for individual enums are displayed with a paragraph break between the summary and detail, but the two are always shown together so there is little point in having the paragraph break.


The Bitstream Vera Sans font. See for more information and other Bitstream fonts.


The GPL license which covers this software.


The file that contains this documentation and other documentation that is related to the project but not directly related to the code.


A bash script to build the makefile; figures out dependencies with the help of gcc.
Does not update Makefile.mingw.


A set of varible definitions used for the build process with make. Intended to avoid specifiying the variables once for each directory and taken from an earlier, larger project.


The makefile to build the project with gcc on systems that have a sane linker, like Linux.


The makefile to build the project with the mingw version of gcc on Windows. Also a good template for making a makefile for systems without a sane linker.
This makefile is not always kept up to date.


A project file to build the program with Visual C++ version 7 (2002). Newer versions should be able to covert the project file.
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