Bug List

Global MsgDescr_t::data
If the message is canceled, any dynamically allocated data referenced here will not be deallocated.

Group AATree
The tree is broken. Nodes do not continue to track the same item. If the item contains the key value, like MsgDescr, eventually AATreeFind() will return a node who's key field is correct, but the data item will have a different key value indicating that the node's data has incorrectly changed.

Global StartIOThread
On Linux with SDL 1.2.8, valgrind shows that when SDL_SYS_CreateThread() makes a call to pthread_create(), two things are allocated totaling about 10.5KB that are not deallocated.

Group NetMsgSys
In the above dot digraph, all the links must not use the Javadoc style @ symbol to denote tags, although the Javadoc style is valid everywhere else.

Group NetMsgSys
It would be nice to add line breaks to the labels in the above graph, but Doxygen wrecks the line break tags that the dot tool recognizes.

Global DrawTank
Does not clip its drawing to the changed region.

Global FontInit
Should first try to load sounds from the current/install directory.

Global TextSetWindowTitle
For I18N builds, only ASCII characters are properly displayed in the title bar on Windows. SDL versions older than 1.2.10 can only handle ASCII and are given the English title. Newer versions can accept UTF-8, but on Windows SDL appears to convert the title back to ASCII. I attempted a fix, but passing an uncoverted string to Windows didn't help.

Page Non-source code files
Doxygen generated call graphs will include functions who's name is referenced to set a function pointer, but not actually called.

Page Non-source code files
If a function is tagged with relates, Doxygen names it as a member of the related struct C++ style. This is C. I would like the docs to list the function as related, but maintain its correct name without any C++ style syntax.

Page Non-source code files
If a function is tagged with relatesalso, it appears twice in the documentation -- once under its own name, and once as if it was a C++ member function of the related struct. Ideally, such funtions should have a summary entry in the file documentation, the module documentation, and the struct documentation, but all should list the function once with its correct name without any C++ style syntax.

Page Non-source code files
Comments for individual enums are displayed with a paragraph break between the summary and detail, but the two are always shown together so there is little point in having the paragraph break.

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