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Since ancient times the wise ones have recognized the healing power of poetry. Whether in the writing, the sharing, the reading, or simply in hearing, poetry has in some way influenced nearly all of us. Whether it's the Bible, other religious text, or a favorite verse we have tucked away, poetry has throughout the ages provided solace for weary souls. For just about as long as humans have had the capacity to put thoughts and feelings into words, they have known that and they have managed to translate the simplest words into verses of healing. Some years back I had the opportunity to both see and hear manifest what we somehow all know innately. That was in poetry and readings that, without pretense, acknowledged and celebrated the bond between poetry and healing, poetry and medicine. I learned of bibliotherapy and poetry therapy and Magic Stream has very much been influenced by those traditions. Although somehow regarded as new fangled, this was a very ancient concept embodied in the Greek god Pegasus, who among other things was considered a god of both "poetry and medicine." The poetry at Magic Stream has very much been influenced by these ancient rites of poetic medicine. With blood millenniums older than that of literary pretense, we share these poems of healing. Regina Garson, Editor Magic Stream

The Poets and Their Poems:

Alan Gullette
   -- Stability Can Be Achieved

David Hunter Sutherland
-- Intent
-- Psalm 151

David Oates
   -- On food... - Haiku moments.

Hazel Witherspoon
   -- I empty...

Heather Garson
   -- Thoughts

Laura Fleury
   -- Remembering Lloyd

Norma Holt
   -- Truth
   -- Closeness of the Spiritual

Penne J. Laubenthal, Ph.D.
-- Mid-life Crisis

Mark Phillips
-- Barber Shop Singing

Michelle A. Bartley
  -- Who Owns You?

Rachel Laurie
  -- My Antique Heart...

sine nomine
   -- a stupid depression poem

William J Wilson
   -- The Middle Way
   -- Winter Solstice

Regina Garson, Editor and Publisher
   -- Over
   -- Patches
   -- Rainbows

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