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Alan Gullette was born in Tampa, Florida in 1956. He began writing in childhood -- humorous poetry inspired by Dr. Seuss and Ogden Nash. Early exposure to horror films led to literary idolizations of Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, and like authors. In high school he made more serious efforts at poetry, began writing fiction, and published an amateur literary magazine called Ambrosia.

College was intended "to produce a writer" but instead produced a philosophical crisis that refused to yield an academic solution. After a two-year hiatus and a pilgrimage to Ojai, California to hear the anti-guru Krishnamurti, undergraduate work was completed along with a thesis on Krishnamurti and comparable traditions of unitive mysticism.

An academic career was abandoned in favor of life in "the real world," which has included playing drums in a progressive rock band, leading anti-nuclear weapons protests, playing tournament chess, continued philosophical inquiries, literary studies -- and, yes, creative writing.

His poetry and prose poems have been published in a dozen amateur and scholastic press publications, and in three self-published chapbooks. In 1995, a collection of poems entitled Another Eucharist appeared, along with artwork by Michael Perkin.

Having written over 900 poems, he is now striving to bring his poetic and philosophical visions to life in the novel form. One novel, The Green Transfer, was completed in 1994 and five others are in various stages of composition.

He lives in San Francisco, California with his wife, artist Julie Hodge. His extensive website includes samples of their work along with pages devoted to his literary interests, including supernatural fiction, absurdism, and surrealism.

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