Closeness of the Spiritual

Floating through cascades of swirling feelings, pulled
from the visceral grounding of mortality, fleeing the boundaries
of closing death, a screaming darkness of cemented, detached,
unrealistic, euphoric, joyous, drowning mortals,
with heads and minds full of jagged, piercing evil),
to be cushioned upon healing pillows filled with
limitless love-cocooning me from the cement mixers of
evil, remixing and molding my spirit to overbrimming love
and caring through all colored brightness to peace and
understanding, to see, for an instant, the wholeness,
uniqueness and unbridled possibilities and abilities

of the earthly dwellers, that can be shown brightly enough,
by just one, to help diminish, extinguish and completely
the blackness of the mortal hearts already cold,
dead and unfeeling, while still being connected with
the truth of eternity.

Norma Holt

Magic Stream Journal
Copyright © 1996 Norma Holt
Art © David Elliott