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Me ...

Here's me receiving the 1995 IFS President's Award.
More recently I was written up in the Pittsburgh Business Times: As Submitted| As Printed

About ages 10 through 15

Places we've been

My Family ...

May 2006: Nathaniel gets the Madison Mayor's Scholarship!

10/03 | 10/04

December 1996 07/1998 Halloween 1998 7/99
7/99 with cousin Corey Weary
7/99 Nathaniel with cousins Crystal and Austin, Grandma Patton, Connie and Grandpa Patton in back
Hitting the beach Fort Walton Beach, FL(9/99)
Nathaniel looking like the "Lost in Space" robot at Epcot's Living Seas (5/99)

Island Girl Blog ...

Our Dog Sally (Norfolk Terrier)...

Septempber 1997 , ; Oct. 1997: . Dec. 1997: .

Our Home ...

Comissioned artwork by Victor Wood hangs in Weepy's Room
We also have signed trading cards One, Two Three and a print by twin brother Vincent Wood
And prints by Victor and another print that is a collaboration.

The Alabama Backyard in QT Virtual Reality July 3, 1999. (Notice how Madelyn has been cloned so that 2 people can still do the yardwork while I play with my digital camera.) (Requires QuickTime Player (Free)) (182Kb) High Resolution version (629Kb)

Alabama House Hunting 2004
Landscaping 2005
A Green Lynx spider on my tomato plants

Pennsylvania (Shots with Previous Owner's Stuff): A | B | C | D | E | FP | Lot |
(A : Family room into kitchen, no built in microwave, step up to kitchen, Front view, yard slopes up, my least favorite feature)
(B : Game room in basement, 1/2 bath is door to left, standing at window the stairs up are behind you about 20 feet.)
(C : Backyard, red deck)
(D : Basement, one of the unfinished parts, door goes to game room, on left is the backside of the 180 degree bent stairs; from the garage through the laundry room is the family room, turn left to the kitchen)
(E : The front again and the Master bedroom, not corner windows like in kitchen)
(FP : The approximate floor plan, basement through upstairs)
(Lot : about the 10 O'Clock position on the circle )

101 P Drive (Basically same floor plan as what we bought): A |
(A : Foyer toward Living and Dining, closet on left, bottom photo shows openness of stairs and upstairs hall from family room)

126 Blue Ridge Drive: A | B | C |
(A: dining room and basement with laundry room ahead, office w/closet from in laundry; 3 closets in gameroom including Heater/HW on right)
(B: Upstairs boys and girls bedrooms)
(C: Kitchen with isle into family room, Nook is bayed onto deck, Master BR, vaulted, ahead is bathroom with walk in closet)

My Son meets Magic Johnson in the Charlotte, NC airport Nathaniel and Magic Johnson (11?/93?)

My Son the Soccer Player (10/97) (10/99)

The Son Who Would Be King (03/99)

My Weepy girl under the Willow (09/99)

Cousins Jason Rosa, Nathaniel Patton and Christopher Drumm visit the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in Manhattan (06/1998)

Ghost of GrandDad Patton (1978)

My Friends ...

John A. Murphy, NY ...

Kim S., CO at

Mark A. Maxwell, NY (Outsider Arts, Inc.)
One Man TV

Others whom I have e-mail addresses for, but no web page (contact me for the e-address):
David Rawson | Ben McTernan |

My Wife ...

After Grad school (1986) we didn't move to Prague, but we were a little Bohemian for awhile: Poster-Madelyn

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