This spring we're doing some simple landscaping!

(updated 04/17/2005, or later)


(These are all done with a cheap digital camera and the color is sometimes a bit off)

Photos taken by Chip on 4/17/2005 just before sunset

The original front-of-the-house tree never made it, we replaced it with a Red Oak a few weeks ago, in early April, and have added a 5' 10" box around it (outer dimension, the lawn timbers are 5' 6" each). All 4 of us helped place and plant this tree (it's hard to tell in the picture, but it is budding nicely):

We added scalloped brick edging around the front shrubbery gardens:

We're adding a vegetable garden beside the deck in back, under the kitchen window. A double row of retaining blocks will, hopefully, keep the dirt from going under the deck. Because of a slight slope away from the house and toward the deck, I had to finesse the outer deck corner with wome rectangular paving stones:

We planted one Weeping Willow and 3 young paw paw trees (and a seedling paw paw that was in one of the other pots) in the back corner, near the only "natural" "tree" that was left on our lot. Madelyn called it an Alabama Weed Tree for a while, but I think it is growing on her. (We added some retaining beams near it to help the grass / junipers on the slope.):

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