Hq & Hq Co 2nd Engineer Group (Construction)

571st Engineer Company (Dump Truck) 


"B" Company 802nd Engineers

    Camp Richmond, Korea

Kimpo Korea  K-14 and Oso-ri, Korea

When it was located close to the end of Kimpo Airbase  K-14

Unit Crest for 2nd Engineer group

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Here is a history of the unit.

"History for the 2nd Engineer Group (Construction) began on 31 March 1918 at Camp Sheridan, Alabama when the 47th Engineer Maintenance-of-Way Battalion was activated.

The beginning of overseas service for the Group began on 14 July 1918 when the 47th Engineers departed from Camp Upton, New York for England and France. While in Europe during World War I, the 47th Engineers became a part of the Transportation Corps on 7 September 1918, and, as such, changed its designation to the 47th Regiment Transportation Corps. On 12 November 1918, another change in name was made when regimental and battalion designations were removed and the companies of the 47th became the 41st, 42nd and 43rd Companies. These companies served in France until June 1919 when they were returned to Camp Dix, New Jersey and inactivated on 20 June 1919. For service during this period the unit is authorized the "double rainbow streamer" denoting "war service in the theater of operations".

During its inactive period between the two world wars, further changes in designation took place. On 1 October 1933 the three companies were reorganized into the 47th Engineer Battalion (Separate) and seven years later the battalion expanded and was redesignated the 47th Engineer Regiment (General Service).

On 1 August 1941 at Fort Ord, California, the 47th again became a going concern when it entered active lists in World War II. Once more it began its overseas duty when it departed for Hawaii on 26 December 1941 after only a few months training in the United States. Using Hawaii as a training base, the unit participated in many Pacific campaigns including Kwajalein Island, Eniwetok atoll, Saipan and Okinawa.

During the period October 1943 to April 1944, the next redesignation in name took place with the Hq & Hq Supply Company becoming 1176th Engineer Construction Group Headquarters and the two battalions becoming the 47th and 1397th Engineer Construction Battalions.

On 13 September 1945 the 1176th moved into Korea to Kimpo Airfield. Early in 1946 the Group moved to Ascom City and finally on 11 August 1946 moved to its present home in Yongdongpo where it served out its occupation duties.

On 30 June 1947 the 1176th became the 2nd Engineer Construction Group.

On 24 September 1948 the Group was deactivated and reduced to record status, having served through its second war with practically all its active duty outside the United States.

Less than a year later the Group was reactivated in Korea at its old location in Yongdongpo and by the time the North Koreans invaded South Korea the Group was fully operational and ready to carry out any and all missions.

Notable among its many engineering accomplishments in Korea are the 750 foot and 800 foot railroad bridges across the Han River at Seoul; the 1,694 foot Class 50 highway bridge at Taepyong-ni; the well-known 1,137 foot Class 50 two-way Teal low-level bridge; the beautiful 1,075 foot Libby Bridge, Class 60; the 966 foot Shoefly Bridge which provides for both vehicle and railroad traffic; the 624 foot Han River high-level bridge; a 1,948 foot railroad bridge across the Imjin River (Freedom Gate Bridge); the construction for Little Switch and Big Switch in the demilitarized zone for the exchange of POW's and facilities for the Military Armistice Commission; and the dismantling of the United Nations POW enclosures and Custodial Forces India facilities upon completion of the POW exchange.

Since the truce was signed, the 2nd Group has been charged with road maintenance and responsibility throughout the Seoul and Yongdongpo area, the maintenance of bridges, the construction of warehouses and other type buildings for the many Army Supply Points, the operation of fuel pipelines for a large part of Korea, and the operation of potable water supply points in the Inchon-Yongdongpo-Seoul area. The Group contributed a construction battalion and dump truck company to assist in the rehabilitation of Pusan and the disastrous fire in November 1953.

With the beginning of the Armed Forces Aid to Korea program (AFAK) late in 1953, the Group became the coordinating headquarters for all projects in the Yongdongpo area in addition to sponsoring many of its own AFAK programs.

The latest change in designation for the Group came on 1 April 1954 when the name changed from the 2nd Engineer Construction Group to the 2nd Engineer Group (Construction).

In 1954 the 2nd Engineer Group was comprised of Hq & Hq Co, 76th Engr Bn (Const), 84th Engr Bn (Cons), 29th Engr Co (Survey, base), 82nd Engr Co (Pipeline), 341st Engr Co (Panel bridge), 526th Engr Co (Panel Bridge), 570th Engr Co (Water supply), 571st Engr Co (Dump Truck) and 595th Engr Co (Dump Truck).

DA General Order No. 16, 3 March 1954 is quoted: "The remarkable standards of achievement upheld by the Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 2d Engineer Group (Construction) reflect great credit on themselves, individual members, and military establishment".

What history holds in store for the 2nd Group no man can foretell, but it is safe to say that the 2nd Group will be present contributing its engineering skill wherever it is needed.

No more need be said. Mere words cannot adequately express the achievements of the 2nd Group with its record of active service in three shooting wars, its long overseas duty and its readiness to efficiently accomplish any and all assigned missions."

The group came to Korea shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in 1950 and received several Meritorious Unit Commendations between 1950 and 1953. After the war, the group assumed its mission as the area engineer for Seoul and Inchon. The group occupied several camps in Korea; among them, Camps Richmond and Coiner. At the time, the group was composed of the 44th and 802nd Engineer Battalions (Combat Heavy). The 2nd Engineering Group was originally stationed at YongDongPo. A major project at YongDongPo in 1954 was reconstruction of the Han River bridge. The unit also built a lot of facilities for occupation by various units, as well as surfacing many roads and streets in Seoul. It had two construction battalions, two dump truck companies (One a KATUSA unit [571st]), a petroleum distribution company (actually not their primary duty), and probably others. The unit moved to "Camp Richmond" near Kimpo K-14 next to the village of "Oso-ri". In August 1991, the group moved to Camp Hovey where it was reorganized in November 1991 to become the Engineer Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. The Engineer Brigade was soon after relocated to Camp Howze where it is today. The Engineer Brigade was officially activated as part of the Regular Army on 16 February 1992 at Indianhead Field, Camp Casey, Republic of Korea. The Brigade consists of a Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, and the 2nd and 44th Combat Engineer Battalions. Corps assets currently attached to the Brigade include the 50th Engineer Company (Assault Float Brigade) and the 82D Engineer Company (Combat Support Equipment). Korean augmentation includes the 3rd and 7th Korean Service Corps Companies. The Engineer Brigade was formed from elements of the 2nd Engineer Group.

8th Army

Roll Call of Former Members

This is their rank at the time they served with the group

and that I have direct contact with


Major Donald R. Swygert (Operations Officer)1965 (resides in Alexandria, Va.)(advanced in rank to Colonel)

Major Perry A. Colvin (Operations S2 Officer) 1991 (currently resides in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany) I joined the Group in Yongsan in March 1991 and in August of 1991 moved with the Group to Camp Hovey to become the Engineer Brigade, 2d Infantry Division. My time with the group and Brigade was all served as the S2 OIC. In Jun 1992 I departed Camp Hovey to become the DPW, Panama. I retired in '97 and went to work for the 66th MI BDE as their Signal Command as the Facility Engineer for all Communication faciities in Europe. I retired from Federal Service in 2020 after a total of 44 years receiving the DA Superior Civilian Service Medal and a letter of appreciation from President Trump.


1st Lt Charles Schaul 1956-58Commanding Officer, 571st Engineer Company (Dump Truck), (resides in Scottsdale, Arizona)


1st Lt Jon C. Swane 1963-64 platoon leader "B" Co. 802nd Engineers (assigned to building of Dike at Malipo Beach) (resides in Ironton, Missouri)


WO Joseph D (Dave) Smith (January 1965 to May 1965) Army Aviator when he was assigned to the 2nd Engineer Group as a helicopter pilot. Col Dyer was the Commander and I recall Cpt Bob Dacey was the S-3. Col Dyer was the finest, best, most decent man I ever knew. (resides in Baton Rouge, LA)


1st Sgt Marshall H. Underwood (1964 served with the 76th Engineers, transferred to 2nd Engineer Group as Group Opns. Sgt., Served again with the 76th Engineer in 1968, transferred to the 2nd Engr. Grp. as the CSM, left Korea in Dec. 1968) (also served in Korea 51-52 as Chief of firing battery in 780th Field Artillery Bn., won Bronze Star for valor) served 2 times in Viet Nam) (resides in Sparta, Tennessee)


SP3 Gerald D. Pruder (construction draftsman) 1956-57  

(resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan) (advanced in rank to Lt. Col)


Sp4 Carmen F. Carey (company clerk) 1959-60 (resides in North Tonawanda, New York)


Sp4 James A. Roberts (supply clerk) 1960-61(resides in Steele, Alabama) (formerly from Bessemer, Alabama)


SP4 Kevin O'Brien (Personnel)1959-60 (resides in South Plainfield, New Jersey)


SP4 Benjamin Stessel (Motor Pool) 1959-60

(resides in New Windsor, New York)


Sp4 Lee Armstead (S-1 as a Admin Spec) 1965-66  (resides in Orion Township Michigan)


Sp4 William (Bill) Stripling (S-3 as civil engineer ass't.)  1965-66 (resides in Vicksburg, MS)


Sp4 Rudolph (Rudy) O. Marohl, (S3 Operations Clerk) 1957-58  (resides in Red Wing, Minnesota)


Sp4 Charles F. Martin (Group Photographer) Feb 57-Jun 58 (resides fulltime in RV)


Sp4 Patricio E. Caballero (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1958 (resides in Wimberley, Texas)


PFC Loran Cilla (don't recall where he worked) 1958 -?      (resides inGrand Rapids, Michigan)


Sp4 Raymond L. Cowie (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1958  (resides in Grand Island, Florida)


Sp4 Joseph E. Dolch (Utilities Repairman, Utilities Section) 1957-1958 (resides in Lowell, Indiana)


1st Lt Wallace K. Endo (Engineering Officer, S3 Section, 2nd Engr Group) 1956-1957 (resides in Honolulu, Hawaii)


Sp3 Joe T. Helle (Soils Analyst, S3 Section) 1957-1958      (resides in Dillon, Montana)


Sp4 Charles Hill (Supply Clerk, S4 Section)1957-58 (resides in Knoxville, Tennessee)


Sp4 Solomon Mesholam (Company Clerk, Headquarters Company) 1957-1958 (resides in Floral Park, New York)


Sp3 Fred G. Michaels (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1957  (resides in Black River Falls, Wisconsin)


Sp4 Bernard M. Molino (Supply Clerk, Headquarters Company) 1957-1958  (resides in Brownstown, Michigan)


PFC John "Joe" R. O'Donnell (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1958  (resides in Manhattan Beach, California)


Sp4 Raymond S. Peck (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1958  (resides in Mountain View, California)


Sp4 Robert A. Reed (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1957-1958 (resides in Los Angeles, California)


Sp4 Vincent Saetta (Personnel Clerk, S1 Section) 1957-1958 (resides in Carmel, New York)


Sp4 Gary L. Shearer (Supply Clerk, S4 Section) 1957-1958 (resides in Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania)


Sp2 Sidney C. Smith (Senior Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) (resides in 1957-1958 Elkins, West Virginia)


Sp3 Robert N. Tschanz (Construction Draftsman, S3 Section) 1956-1957 (received a direct commission as a 2nd Lt in the Corps of Engineers about May of 1957 at which time he was transferred to the 44th Engineer Battalion (Construction) in ASCOM City as a platoon leader) (resides in Celebration, Florida)


Sp3 Daniel E. Meiring (Construction draftsman, S3 Section) 1956-1957  (resides in Centerville, Ohio)


SP4 Leo McArdle (repair and utility section)1965-66         (advanced in rank to Lt. Col.)  (resides in Pacifica, CA)



Cpl. Chester E. Fleming left Dec. 1953

(moved from WV to a retirement community in Ohio)

Sp3 Mel Koch Company Clerk, C Company, 76th Engr Bn (Const) served in Korea from 1957 to 1958 at Camp Eiler(resides in Linden, Michigan)

T-4 Al Huber (Engineering S-2 Electrical Drafstman) Dec 23,  1947 to 12 Oct l948 when the group moved to Okinawa With Col Donald C. Hill They came back again when the war broke out in l950 and allegedly first came back to the same old Compound which was then located between Seoul and Yong Dong Po I arrived as a PFC and by 2 July was promoted to T-4 which I held until the group broke up.  Also was simultaneously an Electrical construction inspector for Operations, which helped with my rapid promotions.    Remained in the Army Retiring  as CW2 At Redstone Arsenal Alabama.   (resides in Huntsville, Alabama)  


Lt. Bob Kantz ( Assigned as Assistant S-3)Arrived in October of 1967 assigned to HHC, 2nd Engineer Group most of my active duty. (HHC at that time was 1 O6, 1 O4, rest Lieutenants) Departed, April 1969.  
Current "occupation". Catholic priest.

St. James Church, Penns Grove, NJ.


Sp5 Bob Monahan Co. "C" 76th Engineers, Camp Eiler TDY to DMZ at "Camp Liberty Bell" 1967-68


Sp4 Jeffery H. Casper (assigned to S-2 & S-3) construction draftsman 1963-64(resides in Santa Clara, Ca.)


SSgt James R. Walters (1176the Engineer Group (const) which was the former name of the 2nd Engr. Grp. (assigned 42nd Engineer Construction Battalion in 1946 and 1947, we were stationed at Yong Dong Po in Korea. HH&S Company, A Company and C Company were stationed in a compound that had been an old textile factory during the Japanese occupation of Korea. B Co was detached and stationed at Pusan. We had an Engineer Dump Truck Company attached to our unit and they were about a half mile down the road from us. They were an all black unit and the Army was still segregated at that time. Also across the road from us was an Engineer Topographical Company which was a separate company. There was also an Engineer Combat Battalion stationed in Seoul which was part of the group. (resides in Warrenville, IL)


Sp4 Nelson L. Wright (radio operator and morse code operator in communications section) served from 9-89 to 9-90 (resides in  Ravenna, Ohio but will be moving to Burlington, NC in the late spring)



Sp4 Frank P Jannette 76th Engineer Bn. Camp Eiler (1960-61) Frank ran the water point and helped built a Nike site in the mountains near the DMZ and also worked as a SG at the Camp Eiler gate.. He spent 16 months there. 2 months in the 121st Evac Hosp. in Ascom. Orginally from Queens, NY, now resides in Sarasota, FL.


PFC Gerald W Jennings (Jerry) B Co 802nd Engineer Bn (1960-61)

now resides in Ocala, FL.


SFC Jose (Joe) Becerra Jr. served with C Co 44th.Eng.Bn.(Heavy Const.Platoon) ( the Broken Heart Bn.) at Camp Carroll Korea as an Sgt.E-5 .from (1969-1971) Then with A Co 2nd.Engr.Bn.(Combat) 2nd.Inf.Div. at Camp Castle, Korea as  SFC E-7  "Renegades" from (1977-1979) returned stateside to 14th.Engr.Bn. Ft.Ord. CA and. went to Engineer Advanced Course at Ft Belvoir VA. then returned to A Co 2nd.Engr.Bn. in 1982. again at Camp Castle. Retired in 1985 while still assigned to the 2nd.Engr.Bn. (currently resides in and around Camp Carroll, Korea Waegwan, City, Korea) working for a contractor that supports the U.S.Army Education Centers and manages one of the AKO (Army Knowledge Online ) computer Labs.



Sp4 David K. (Kim) Long served from 11-66 to 2-68 as cook. There was four distinct incidents while there. The Puebloe was captured. A small contingent of N. korean infiltrators attempted to attack the palace of the S. korean president. A G.I. convoy was attacked near the DMZ with casualties and probably loss of life. A mess hall was attacked one evening and people were injured and killed near the DMZ. The two troops on the deceased list of this site list from the 76th were lost in that engagement. (resides in Kernersville, NC)


Sp4 Jeff Running served from 1971 to 1972 as a Radio Operator. (resides in South Saint Paul, Minnesota)



SP3 Eugene (Gene) E. Chropkowski (Motor Pool) served 1956-57 with 571st Engineer CO (dump truck) (resides in Sandwich, Illinois)

2nd Lt. Duane Huston ( S-3) served June 1967-November 1968 (resides in Tuscon, Arizona)

Sp4 Steve Fiebich served from 1962 to 1963 as a projectionist at the movie theater on the Camp Richmond compound and with B Co. 802nd Engineer Co. After his tour thee, he served the rest of his term at Ft. Polk, Louisana. (resides in Wshington Michigan)

PFC Glenn A. Wrede served from June 1946 to March 1947 with 1176th Engineer Group construction which later was designated as 2nd Engineer Group. He was a welder in the motor pool by day and bartended at the enlisted mens club at night. (resides in Bend, Oregon)

Sgt E5 Bill Seals served1961-62 (Communications Specalist) formerly from Minneapolis now resides in Clearwater Florida

Sp4 Craig Moore (S-1) 1962-63 arrived at 44th Engineer Bn then transfered to 2nd Engineer Group) (resides in Clearwater, Florida)










Looking for Former Members

This is  the rank they were when they served with the group

If your name is listed here, email me. If it's not here I would like to add it to the site!


Colonel Donald C. Hill (1947-1948)


Colonel R. Begley (Commanding Officer) 1953


Colonel Praught  (Gp CO) 1954


Colonel William H. Minnahan (Group Commanding Officer) 1963-64


Colonel Max W. Noah (Group Commnading Officer) 1973-1974 he was later the Commanding General of The Engineer Center (then still at Fort Belvoir, VA); and, still later, he was the Comptroller of the Army and retired as a Lieutenant General.


Colonel White (Group Commanding Officer) 1966-67


Colonel James Hyman (Group Commanding Officer) 1967-68


Lt. Col Morgan (Gp EO) 1954


LTC Klaude Anthony “Tony” Miller Assigned 2d GP on 1 Feb 81 as assistant GP S-4, 4 months later due to loss of Maintenance Major got maintenance, 4 months later S-4 PCS’d and became S-4/Maintenance, with additional duty as Comptroller. Lost Maintenance to new C{PT assigned. Left 2d ENGP to command A 802 in early 1982, until July 84, reassigned to S-3 Opns Officer until PCS in Aug 84. Returned to Group in 1989 Aug as S-1 for 24 months in which time put the 802sd to sleep and changed the MOS heavy 54 series to 12 combat. Slid the renamed group to 2d division Engineer Bde. Last tour Deputy Chief of Staff Engineer 8th Army began the movement of units from the north to Camp Humphries AO and south of the Korean Route 50 beyond heavy artillery range of the north. 2001 Aug to 2003 Aug.


Capt Dorsey (S-3) 1954


Lt.Tepley (S-3) 1954


Major Harold Curry (S-3)West Point graduate) 1954


Colonel Lieber (Commanding Officer, 2nd Engr Group) 1956-1957 (advanced in rank to General) and was Governor General of the Panama Canal Zone)


Lt Col Butler (Commanding Officer, 2nd Engr Group) 1957-58


Lt Col Crabtree (Executive Officer, 2nd Engr Group)


Major Holt (Operations Officer S3, 2nd Engr Gp) 1956-1957


Major Charles Steele (Operations Officer S3, 2nd Engr Gp) 1957 -? (Only at 2nd Group for a short period of time until he was reassigned as Commanding Officer, 44th Engineer Battalion (Const) He was a West Point graduate)


Captain Nolan B. Rhoades (S3 Operations Officer) 1957-58


Captain Samuel Jones  (S4 Officer Supply Officer) 1957-58


Captain  Robert (Bob) Dacey S-3 Officer 1965


1st Lt Fred R. Bowling  (Air Observation Pilot) 1953


MSgt Raymond Efteland left in Aug 1952


WOJG F A Bradley (personnel section) 1953


Donald Brennan 1953


MSgt Robert Austin (company 1st Sgt.) 1952-1953 (from California) 


MSgt Niedrick (sp?) who managed the NCO Club 1953


MSgt Max Berry (Hq Company First Sgt) 1957-58


MSgt Ralph Piper (S3 Operations Sergeant) 1957-58


1st Lt Donald Andrews (Engineer Officer, S3) 1956-57 (He was originally in Seoul- to 2nd group in 1957


Captain Little 1963-64 (flew fixed wing aircraft)


Colonel D'Arezzo (Hq Commanding officer) 1959 -1960


1st Lt Thomason (company Commander) 1959-60


Sgt Babinieu (Supply Sgt) 1959-60


SFC Allen J. Paulson (S-3 Sgt, Gp Hqs)  1954


Colonel Simpson  (Hq Commanding officer) 1960-61  (last known residence Tuscaloosa, Alabama)


Captain James F. Quigley (company commander)  1960-61


1st Sgt. Andrews (company 1st Sgt.) 1960-61


SP4 Speck (Supply Clerk) 1959-1960


PFC Craft (Chaplin asst.) 1959-1960


SP4 Alan Schuster  (S2) 1959-1960


Sgt Eshom (Mess Sgt)1960


Williams  (Communications)(can't remember 1st name) 1959- 1960


Arp (Communications)(can't remember 1st name) 1959-1960 


PFC Fuslier (motor pool) 1960


SP4 Mikney (Motor Pool) 1960


Sgt Ruby 1960


SFC Lyle A. Carson (supply Sgt.) 1960-61


PFC Ronald Levine (company clerk) 1960-61 (last known rank Sp5) (believe he was from St. Louis, MO)


Sp4 Don Ballard (S2)  (Ran movie theater) 1960-61


PFC William Penny (Mail Clerk) 1960-61


PFC Uelmann (S2) (1960-1961)

PFC Escobar (S2) (Photographer) (1960-1961)

PFC Babbinger (S2) (1960-1961)


SP4 Rhodes (1958-1959) Returned to Korea in 1960/61 but don't know where he was stationed.


Voigt (1958-1959) (Not sure if he was simply a Sgt or this faulty memory tells me he was a Warrant Officer.)


Sgt Throeu (Motor Pool) 1959-60


Sgt Nacachima (Hawaiian) (S2) 1959-60


Sgt. Hall 1960-61


MSgt Owens (S-1) 1965-66


Sp4 Charles Martin (Group Photographer) 1957-1958


Sp4 James A. Miller (Personnel Clerk, S1 Section) 1957-58 from Indiana


Sp4 George Palmer (Personnel Clerk, S1 Section) 1957-58


Sp3 Gaylord Yost  (terrian analyst) 1957-1958 

(resides in Wisconsin)


Sp3 Woodward (Don't recall first name I think he may have been the S2 Clerk prior to arrival of Rudy Marohl) 1957-59


Sp1 Kirby (was in charge of the draftsmen in the Engineering Section of S3) 1957 - 1958


PFC James Stangenberg (don't recall his job) 1957-58                 (from Minnesota)


PFC John S. Henshaw 1958 - ?


PFC Richard Mc Cabe 1958 - ?

(resides in Detroit, Michigan)


The members listed below served with "B" 802nd Engineers on the Camp Richmond compound in 1963-64


Capt. John Miller 


1st Lt. Tom Whitecotton 


1st Lt. Jim Saffel

Sgt. Alexander Rosenberger


Sgt. Biggerstaff


PFC Ulyseus L. Wheatley


The members listed below served with the unit in 1965


Lt. Col. Francis B. Scott (Group Executive Officer)


Major Clemon C. Courtney (Flight Commander)


Capt. Charlie D. Adkins (S-4 Officer)


Capt. Garth M. Turgeon (Adjutant)


Capt. Travis L. Walker


2nd Lt. John M. Zimmer (Asst. S-3)


WO Loye D. Brown  (Aviator)


2nd Lt. John J. Gladysiewicz (Company Commander)


SMajor Francis E. Swiggum



1SGT Michael W. Telesco


SFC Clyde L. Blackstock


SFC James O. Fretwell



SFC Robert R. Goodwin  



SSgt. Robert Hitt  



SSgt. Richard S. Kawamata



SSgt. Robert E. Matraw  



SSgt. Elmar I. Scott



Sgt. Larry L. Clark



Sgt. Otis Hundley, Jr.



Sgt. Thomas T. Smith  



SP5 Allen Steinbauer



SP5 Jefferson Buckner



SP5 Edgar M. Buys  



SP5 Maurice Clark  



SP5 Donald H. Clay  



SP5 Jess L. Gibson


SP4 Robert Ellsworth  



SP4 Thomas Heimforth


SP4 Patrick Laffakis



SP4 Floyd T. Masten  



SP4 Kenneth Thomasson



SP4 John W. Van Hoesen



SP4 Robert S. Real



SP4 Thomas L. Gagnon



PFC William R. Adams  


PFC Michael E. Bond


PFC Gary Krueger  



PFCDarwin L. Morris  



PFC Theodore Soborowski



PFC Harry E. Sublett  



PFC Albert Templeton  



PFC Roger I. Williams



PFC Donald M. Prochko


PVT. Roger Crawford



PVT. Gilbert Hooper



PVT. Robert P. Coley  


PVT. Benjamin F. Lee


PVT. Joseph J. Russo  



PVT. Joseph Spenik  


PVT. Jackie F. Wilson


Deceased Members

Sp4 Robert Lucas (S2) (Deceased Oct 2002)         (advanced to  rank of Major) (he was from Turtle Creek, Pa.)

PFC Zintars Mazjanis (Group Photographer) 1957-? Detroit, Michigan (Deceased 6 Jan 1992 - Cancer)

PFC Ronald Rubis (Personnel Clerk, S1 Section 1957-? Sioux City, Iowa (Deceased 1988 - Heart Attack)

SgtMajor John Hawk (NCO club) 1960-61 (deceased circa 1997 of cancer "Agent Orange")     (he was from Killeen, Texas)

SgtMajor Griffith Jones(1965-66)  (born 24 Jan. 1925) (advanced in rank to CSM)(killed in action 12 May 1970) in Pleiku, SouthVietnam in helicopter that he was in when it was shot down, also Major General John Albert Dillard Jr. from Lake Charles, La. was killed in the same crash) (SgtMajor Jones was from Marysville, California)

MSgt Bill Shades (Operations Sgt) He retired there and married a lady from Korea. They lived in Oso-ri and had a small girl. Bill died somewhere in the far east in 1968. He was buried overseas somewhere but not in Korea. His daughter was married there in Oso-ri, Korea. 

1st Lt David G. Buck (Engineering Officer, S3 Section, 2nd Engr Group) 1956-1957 (he was from Grand Junction, Colorado) He was a graduate of West Virginia University and received his commission through the ROTC program at WVU. He passed away on Friday, September 24, 2004 at Grand Junction, Colorado


PFC Curtis Rivers Co. "C" 76th Engineers KIA Aug 28, 1967 on the DMZ


Sp4 Michael Vogel Co. "C" 76th Engineers KIA Aug 28, 1967 on the DMZ


Pvt. Nathaniel Benjamin Jr. (from Washington, DC) was born 12/25/1930 and drowned on July 30, 1953 while swimming near the north pier of Freedom Gate Bridge in the Imjin River, Korea He was a new member of Hq & Hq. Co. 2nd Engineer Group at the time of his death. (This information is recorded by the American Battle Monuments Commission)


PFC Joseph Melgosa (armorer supply room) 1960-61 (last known residence somewhere near Chicago, Illinois maybe Jolliet)  (now resides in Alabama) deceased in a hospital in Birmingham, AL on the afternoon of 10-17-2008


Colonel Arno P. Herzer a former 2nd Engineer Group Commander that served with the unit in 1965 passed away on October 24, 2008. He was interned at Arlington National Cemetery on January 14, 2009.

Colonel William W. Smith, Jr. a former 2nd Engineer Group Commander that served with the unit from 1961 to 1962 passed away on Oct 27, 2013 at his home in McLean, VA. He will be interned at West Point Cemetery.

Colonel Richard F. McAdoo. a former 2nd Engineer Group Commander that served with the unit from 1968-1969 passed away sometime around 1993

Colonel James L. Kelly a former 2nd Engineer Group Commander that served with the unit from 1971-1972 passed away July 16, 2014 at his home in Charlotte, NC. He was Group CO during the time the Group Hqs was relocated from Camp Richmond to Yongsan in Seoul. (We turned Camp Richmond over to the ROK Special Forces in Dec 1971.)  He had various military assignments during his career and advanced in rank to Major General.

If you would like to have your name listed on the roll call of members, please send me an email, when you served, what rank and what years you were there. You will find my email address in the form of a picture file at bottom of this page. Just type that email address into your "Send To" window and send me an email. I would also like to add members of the 76th Engineers and 44th Engineer Map company that was attached to this unit and was located on the Camp Eiler compound on the other side of the village of (Oso-ri) from the Hq & Hq Co. 2nd Engineer Group compound.

The image below  is a photo copy of the company letterhead

This image is a photo copy of the company letterhead!

The organizational structure of the 2nd Engineer Group in 1956 to 1958 was as follows
    Headquarters Company, 2nd Engineer Group (Construction)
    43rd Engineer Battalion (Construction)
    44th Engineer  Battalion (Construction)
    76th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
    3XX Engineer Water Supply Company
    571st Engineer  Company (Dump Truck)
    74th Engineer Heavy Equipment Company
    8XX Engineer Map Reproduction Detachment
    8XX Engineer Photo Reproduction Detachment

Here is an aerial photo made circa Summer or early Fall 1957  of Camp Richmond with a view of Kimpo Air Base K-14 runway in the background.

Aerial photo of Camp Richmond with a view of K-14 runway in the background! That's the motor pool to the right, headquarters building in the upper corner!                         Do you remember which little building you lived in here on this photo?

aerial photo courtesy of Gerald D. Pruder

The above aerial photo was taken by Sp-4 Charles F. Martin, the Group Photographer from Feb 57 to Jun 58

Here's a view of Camp Richmond as it is in the present day.

Camp Richmond 2009

Not much left there now. Notice the freeway to the south of the camp that runs from Inchon to Seoul.

Camp Richmond 2011

Camp Richmond as it looks in the year 2011, notice that a lot of foliage is now growing on the old camp.

2nd Engineer Group Headquarters building!

Image of 2nd Engineer Group Headquarters building

A view of the group compound from the village showing the hill in the background that the C-124 had to clear when taking off from K-14

Image of the group compound with the hill in background that those C-124's had to clear taking off from K-14

(photos above courtesy of Gerald Pruder)

2nd Engineer Group Photo Page

Photo Page of 1960-61 members

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"Korean Defense Service Medal"

"Korean Defense Service Medal"

If you would like to get the Korean Defense Service Medal, then go to the site below and fill out the online application and request the medal that you want the Korean Defense Service Medal. After filling out the form, you will be required to print out a signature form and either mail it or fax it to them and they will do the rest. 


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