This photo page is dedicated to the 

2nd Engineer Group members that served with me in 1960-61.

From left to right standing Sp4 James Roberts, PFC Joseph Melgosa 

This picture made in 1961 when we had changed from 8th Army patch to 7th Logistical Command patch.... if you remember the others here, let me know. This was the typical winter dress, wool OG's and field jacket. The Korean made brass belt buckle that I'm wearing was an extra that cost me two carton's of cigarettes. It was handmade by a Korean national that worked in the motor pool.

Sp4 James Roberts on guard duty at Camp Richmond gate

Hooch that was my living quarters built by the Japanese when they occupied Korea

Sp4 James Roberts visiting the Imperial Palace in Seoul. Notice that the dress uniform at that time consisted of wool OG's, field jacket, engineer scarf and box type cap with OG pants bloused into boots. This photo was probably made in 1961.

Playing street ball in company street on a weekend

Camp Richmond motor accident sign

According to the sign, the group at this time consisted of the 44th Engineer Bn. (const), 76th Engineer Bn. (const), 802nd Engineer B. (heavy const), 40th Topo Map Co. and Hq. Co 2nd Engineer Group (const)

Sp4 James Roberts at the jukebox inside the NCO Club, probably selecting a "Buddy Holly" song as he was our favorite during my tour in 1960-61

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