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Need some inspiration to keep your project going? How 'bout some ideas for your paint job? Here are photos of some of the RVs that are already in the air. Check back often; Hopefully this will become one of the best web archives available of RV pics. Please e-mail a photo and a short description of equipment/engine in your RV so you can be included! 

This page has photos and write-ups of RV6 and RV6A aircraft.

Photos of RV3, RV4, RV8 aircraft

Photos of RV6 aircraft



Eric Newton RV-6A  N57ME

newton-1.jpg (20479 bytes)


O-320 H2AD; Ed Sterba Wood Prop (68x76);
Navaid Wing Leveler; AnyWhere Map GPS;
Terra Comm and Transponder (mode "C");
Empty weight with full paint and fairings, 1080 lbs; Cruise is 181 mph TAS @ 8,000 ft. density altitude




newton-2.jpg (19373 bytes)



Leather interior by Becki Orndorff.







Bernie Kerr RV-6A  N60WM

Lycoming O-320; Sensenich FP prop (80 inch); 1068 pounds with cg inside limits with every loading configuration; Apollo 40 com, Garmin 195; wing wags, single strobe on tail; Sam James cowl (modified for carb engine with Van's airbox); pressure recovery main pants(old style nose pants), Tracy Saylor gear leg fairings; Navaid tracking Garmin.

kerr.jpg (17872 bytes)

TAS at max power at 9500 pressure altitude on a warm day is 188mph at under 8 gph per the EIS.






Don Wright   RV-6A    N598EP


wright-1.jpg (16122 bytes)

Built by Ernest Patterson; 0-360; Sensenich
72 FM 859-1-83; Garmin 250XL Gps/Com; King 76A; Full gyro panel with Fuel Scan monitor, KSA 4 Cyl. EGT/CHT engine analyzer system; Starter cut-out LED; Chrome side steps; Electric trim; electric flaps.



wright-2.jpg (27161 bytes)










Aitor Alonso  RV-6A  EC-YFF         Villarias 8-2 derecha, 48001 Bilbao, SPAIN


alonso.jpg (29618 bytes)


This Spanish RV has a really distinctive paint scheme!






alonso2.jpg (16313 bytes)


Notice the modified cowl intakes. The prop is something other than what we usually see in the States.







Walt Hastings  RV6A   N79WH      Santa Clarita, CA

hastings.jpg (12640 bytes)

5years, 10 months from start to first flight on Feb. 28, 1998; 0-320 160hp with Sensenich F/P Prop;
Lightspeed Electronic Ignition ( 1 mag); Basic VFR panel; Electronics Int'l Engine monitors; Garmin 195 mounted in panel; Terra Comm & Transponder; PS Stereo intercom; Portable CD player.




Jeff Crabb  RV6-A   N38JC

N38JC-1.jpg (16826 bytes)


2.5 yrs to first flight on 3/24/00; O-360; Sensenich F/P prop.





N38JC-3.jpg (14977 bytes)


Basic IFR instruments; RMI uMonitor; Navaid; electric trim and flaps.






Gord MacMurchy   RV6A  C-GLPD 






Built By MacMurchy brothers, Gord & Stu. Begun February 2,1993, first flight July 31,1996. Full dual controls; O320B2A, 160hp; 70" IVOPROP; Electroair Dual Electronic Ignition; Mountain High Oxygen; GPS top speed level flight 201 mph; The aircarft flies hands off and is tons of fun. The photo was taken by Ken MacMurchy (little brother) 



Fred Stucklen   RV6A 

stucklen.JPG (31658 bytes) 
Fred has big plans, "I've got 1020+ hours on the plane in 4.25 years!  Plan on going to Alaska this spring....."

stuckln2.JPG (38202 bytes)


Ted French  RV6A  (former owner)

french.bmp (55800 bytes)

First flight June 1996; VFR panel equipped for night flying; Garmin 195 GPS; Microencoder; 200 mph full throttle straight & level. This plane is a blast to fly. So much so, that I'm building another.



Jim Cone  RV6A  N929JC

cone.jpg (22832 bytes)

160 hp Lycoming; Sensenich metal prop; Equipped for full IFR flight.

"I built my own design fairings for the wing roots, empennage, and canopy and made them out of
fiberglass. They fit perfectly and I have no air or water leaks in my canopy and do not need any seals anywhere."

(Regrettably, this beautiful aircraft was destroyed 6/15/98 when a hanger collapsed)

Update 10/1/00: Here is Jim's new RV-6A!


Cone-2.jpg (12865 bytes)

Not only is Jim grinning because of the new bird, but also because he managed to regain his medical after losing it for a year!





Ed Bundy  RV6A

Construction time: 2100 hours
0320-D1A (160hp); Sensenich metal prop (70X78); Gyros, Navaid, EI engine analyzer, AerOx oxygen system; 191mph TAS on 8.5gph, 180mph TAS on 6.5gph


bundy-2.jpg (10229 bytes)



Marvin Soward RV6A

soward.jpg (17701 bytes)

First flew 5/91; Lycoming 0-320; 988 hours as of 12/98; Northstar Loran/GPS; wingleveler; Flies as advertised!





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