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Need some inspiration to keep your project going? How 'bout some ideas for your paint job? Here are photos of some of the RVs that are already in the air. Check back often; Hopefully this will become one of the best web archives available of RV pics. Please e-mail a photo and a short description of equipment/engine in your RV so you can be included! 

This page has photos and write-ups of RV6 and RV6A aircraft.

Photos of RV3, RV4, RV8 aircraft

Photos of RV6A aircraft


6 Pack 2.jpg (16991 bytes)


Flight of 4 RV-6's make the trip to Osh '99;
Front to back:
Dwain Harris RV-6
Werner Berry RV-6A
Gary Sobek RV-6
Walt Hastings RV-6A
Photo was taken from a Piper Arrow that was overtaken north of Hastings, Neb. (Heh, heh...)




David Davenport  RV-6, N168DD


davenport-1.jpg (26226 bytes)


Completed October 2003

O-320 160HP, Sensenich prop, and full IFR panel with autopilot.





davenport-2.jpg (28176 bytes)


"It's really gratifying to be able to fly to all the spring flying events with my RV nine years in the making. I'm a first time builder, and this is my pride and joy."







Randy J. Pflanzer   RV-6    N417G


pflanzer93.jpg (13952 bytes)

First flight: June, 2000; Aerosport Power O-320 160 h.p. with Sensenich metal prop and LASAR electronic ignition; full vacuum system; digital Comm and transponder; lighted rocker switches; black walnut center console panel; Paint is DuPont Imron metalflake with a clear coat; Empty weight: 1072 lbs.



pflanzer96.jpg (25365 bytes)


This has to be one of the most unique panels in a RV-6







Brent Mayo  RV-6 


mayo.jpg (12644 bytes)

First flight 6/30/98; O-360A1A; Sensenich metal prop; Garmin 250-XL; King KX-125, KX-76A; full IFR panel; DJ interior; 1055 lbs.





Bob O'Connell   RV-6  N146RV

First flight July, 1995; Lyc. 0-360 180 H/P with Props Inc. wood prop; W. Berry engraved instrument panel with lighted rocker switches, separate magnetic circuit breakers; Warning announciator's etched into top of panel; Garmin 250XL GPS; PS Eng. 4000 intercom; Narco 12D+ Radio; Narco 150 Transponder; JPI-700 Engine Analyzer; Light Speed Electronic Ignition.

146RV.jpg (8290 bytes)

"I converted the standard wheel pants to Vans pressure recovery type. Seems to be about 5 mph increase."

Paint is Sterling white and Emeron greens.




Alex Sloan RV6  N626BA

sloan-1.jpg (16788 bytes)

O-320-E3D 150 H.P; Aymar-DeMuth IFR prop; Whelen Comet strobes, landing and taxi light (my own design, Wal-Mart high beam halogen); Electric flaps with position lights on the panel;   Apollo com; Full IFR panel;  Computer-cut vinyl trim; Parking brake (great when jumping out on windy days and hunting for chocks); based on 1,200' grass strip.




Bud Hawkins   RV6  N400BH

hawkins.jpg (32958 bytes)

N400BH first flew January 20th, 1998 and currently has about 15 hours; Lycoming 0-320 150 hp; new Millenium cylinders; Dual Kx-155's; M1 Northstar; King transponder w/alt reporting;

"Flys and lands like a 172 but a tad faster. Love it!"


John Perri  RV6  N345JE 

perri-2.JPG (20652 bytes)
500Hr; IO-360 AS by Firewall Forward; 230 HP; Full IFR Panel; Bendix Silver King Radio Stack; S-TEC Full Axis Auto Pilot; Shadin Fuel Flow Monitor; Northstar Loran/GPS; Dual Controls; G-Meter; Electronics International Engine Monitor System; Oxygen System High Mountain; Hartsell Constant Speed Prop; Jet Glo Paint by Hotton Aviation 

Currently being rebuilt following bird strike!?! Read John's account of this wild ride. 

Gary Sobek, RV6,  N157GS (top) and Dave Hansen, RV4,  N416DH 

This photo was taken on Saturday, September 19, 1997 by RV-6AQ builder Brian Cooper.  The photo ship is a 1946 210 HP Swift owned and piloted by RV-4 builder Fred LaForge. This was the maiden flight for Gary's RV6. 

Gary writes, "The funny thing that I keep thinking when I look at this picture, is that Fred kept telling me to slow down so he can keep up.  He has 210 HP in his Swift and I only 160 in my RV.  Wheel 
pants were off for the first flight.  I saw 7-10 KTAS increase in speed with wheel pants."

Jerry Springer  RV6  N906GS

springr1.jpg (29347 bytes) springr2.jpg (20929 bytes)





Apparently somebody was holding the camera upside down during part of this photo shoot!

Jerry provided the following info: Completed in 1989; 850 hrs TT; O-360 Lycoming; Elec. elevator trim and elec.flaps; Navaid Auto pilot;Matronics FuelScan; GPS and two Val Com radios

Todd Magargle  RV6  N92TM

mrgrgl1.JPG (30369 bytes)





mrgrgl2.JPG (35188 bytes)


First flight on March 10, 1996, 240 hours to date; 0-320 160 H.P.; Aymar Demuth wood prop and Landoll Balancer; Full Gyro panel; 4 Channel EGT/CHT and Matts Fuelscan; Empty weight 1029 w/paint.

Bud Newhall  RV6  N826B

newhall1.jpg (26280 bytes)    newhall2.jpg (30199 bytes)


150 HP; Sterba prop

"One photo is of the plane on display in the Palms Springs Air Museum which seemed like a nice place to park for the weekend while I visited some friends. The other is off the San Francisco coast."


Terry Jantzi  RV6    C-GZRV
jantzi-2.jpg (40480 bytes)

IO-360 180hp with /CS; Full IFR panel and leather interior; First flight end of April 1997; 235 hours to date (1/19/98 !?)

Awarded "Outstanding Workmanship" at Oshkosh 98!


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