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Need some inspiration to keep your project going? How 'bout some ideas for your paint job? Here are photos of some of the RVs that are already in the air. Check back often; Hopefully this will become one of the best web archives available of RV pics. Please e-mail a photo and a short description of equipment/engine in your RV so you can be included! 

This page has photos and write-ups of the skinny RV's.

Photos of RV6 aircraft

Photos of RV6A aircraft


indy-1.jpg (16085 bytes)

This RV group (photos submitted by Jim Nolan) is made up of RV's based in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky. The base of operations has been Speedway,Indiana. The first RV brought into the area by Jim Winings of Speedway was used to promote RV's by giving rides to those interested and outperforming the ones that weren't interested. Now,
the group dominates the attention of fly-in spectators, enjoys formation flying with fellow RV nuts and flies somewhere together every week-end. Fly-in organizers request their attendance and they try to provide some kind of show on arrival or departure each time.


indy-2.jpg (11605 bytes)


The photos show 26 aircraft with approximately 10-15 RV's not in attendance on this day.



Rob Ray  RV-4   N557RR

ray-2.jpg (5205 bytes)
"I fly F16's for the Alabama ANG in Operation Noble Eagle. My RV-4, "The Bandit", started out as a idea while living overseas in Japan in the late 80's. My friend Arvil Porter helped me build it and it has a balanced 0-320 (150hp) and Warnke prop out front with Jeff Rose Electronic ignition, Vetterman exhaust, KLX135A and EI gauges. I made the first flight in July, 97' off Arvil's grass strip near Milton Fl, and it has over 700 amazing hours since with landings in all 48 lower states, the Bahamas and Mexico.


ray-1.jpg (19052 bytes)


Performance is 150 knots cruise, and 175 knots top speed at "military" (full) throttle. The real important number is the fun meter which is always pegged!"

There are now 4 RV's in my ANG unit!"



Joseph Czachorowski    RV-8 

zack1.jpg (13747 bytes)



First flight October 29th, 2000.





zack2.jpg (14066 bytes)


Lycoming 0-360, 180 hp, constant-speed Hartzell; DJ leather seats; day/night VFR; VM 1000; rear
throttle and rudder pedals.





zack3.jpg (9776 bytes)


Max level true airspeed is 216mph verified by GPS






Jim Fleischman,  RV-4  N31WG    western CT

Flchmn.jpg (16526 bytes)

This is a refurbishment on my nearly 1000 hr old '90 RV-4, "Overhead Fire"; O-360; Sensenich fixed metal prop; full vacuum panel; VOR with GS, GPS coupled to Navaid autopilot with EZtrim altitude hold; manual & electric trim; dual radios; full front and rear controls; Smoke, electronic machine guns for occasional dog fights (!!?!), and wing bomb racks (for flour bombing contests); dry weight 1044 lbs (including munitions?)



Ed Tropper   RV-4


tropper.jpg (11243 bytes)


First flight July 4, 1994; Lyc. O360-A1D, Aymar Demuth prop; Weight - 980 lbs; Paint - Sikkins single stage; Cruise at 4000' 2450 rpm 158 Knots



Mike Toews   RV-4,  CGFEW       Box 21491, Steinbach, Mb. Canada ROA 2T3


toews-2.jpg (13894 bytes)

Lycoming O-320-A2B (150hp); 70" x 69" Colin Walker prop;. Empty weight 915 lb.; Initial climb of 1800 ft/min at 100 mph IAS with full fuel; Maximum level speed 186 mph.



Karl Undheim   RV-4, LN-RAF,   Norway

undheim.jpg (10488 bytes)


Serial No: 1553; First flight 1991; 425 hrs to date; Lyc O-320.






hankers1.jpg (14483 bytes)

Rudolf Hankers,  RV-4, D-EFFI
Braunschweig, Germany

First flight in 1993; Lycoming O-320 with full inverted capability; First place 1997 and 1998 in the Intermediate category in the German Aerobatic Championship.



Pat Carr  RV4  N15PC

carr-1.jpg (33329 bytes)

The "Backyard Bullet" is flown from my 1900' grass strip (in background of photo above). Received Bronze Lindy, Kit Built Champion, Oshkosh '97; Best Custom Metal Construction, MERFI; Grand Champion Best of Show, East Coast Fly-In;

O-320-E3D, 160 hp; 79" Sensenich metal prop; Dupont chroma system basecoat-clearcoat with pearlesants in trim colors; First flight 4/10/97 from the "backyard"; Construction took nine years and uncounted hours; 997 lbs; Cruises 165K @ 8000', 2550 rpm.


carr-2.jpg (59150 bytes)


IFR ready with Century 1 autopilot coupled to GPS or VOR.








Jim Oke   RV3  C-FIZM     Winnipeg, Canada

oke_2.jpg (19512 bytes)oke_1.jpg (22126 bytes)








Started project in Dec 81; First flight June 1991; VFR; 780 lbs empty; Lyc O-320 (!)



Lewis Crosswell  RV4  N7LC

crsswel1.jpg (35627 bytes)


First flight June, '89
150 Lycoming





crsswel2.jpg (28677 bytes)







Jim Wendel  RV4  N43RV

wendel1.jpg (19035 bytes)




Ser# 1468; 1st flight 7/22/90; 980hrs to date; 150hp Lyc; Sterba prop; (will be for sale this summer to finance the RV8 thats now filling up my basement)


This photo was taken over Miegs Field along Chicago's lakefront; The plane in formation with N43R is N214PT built & flown by Pete Newkirk


wendel2.jpg (92029 bytes)











Ryan Bendure   RV4  N131RB






Ryan explains the photo, "This is a picture of my RV4 under a Boeing 777. The picture was taken at Denver International Airport. I work for the company so this really wasn't that hard to accomplish."

bendure2.jpg (30884 bytes)

This one is of N131RB  in front, with Dennis Martin on wing. We are sizzling along at a whopping 100mph and 11,000' flying alongside a Tri Pacer for photo's!




Sterwart Bergner in his immaculate RV4 with Ryan Bendure flying wing near Denver, Colorado.

bendure3.jpg (34193 bytes)


Gary Sobek, RV6,  N157GS (top) and Dave Hansen, RV4,  N416DH 

This photo was taken on Saturday, September 19, 1997 by RV-6AQ builder Brian Cooper.  The photo ship is a 1946 210 HP Swift owned and piloted by RV-4 builder Fred LaForge. This was the maiden flight for Gary's RV6. 

Gary writes, "The funny thing that I keep thinking when I look at this picture, is that Fred kept telling me to slow down so he can keep up.  He has 210 HP in his Swift and I only 160 in my RV.  Wheel 
pants were off for the first flight.  I saw 7-10 KTAS increase in speed with wheel pants."

Jim and Karen Nolan  RV4  N444JN
nolan.jpg (28481 bytes)
First Flight; 10/20/92
Engine; Lycoming 150 hp; Prop; Warnke 70 X 70; Time to date;  650 hrs.

reeves.jpg (26275 bytes)

Bob Reeves  RV4

Completed in 1992. O-320 150 hp. (Sarasota, FL)


Joe Hine  RV4  C-FYTQ

hine.jpg (19854 bytes)

953lbs empty; O320 E3B rebuilt by myself and modified with 160 hp pistons/pins;

It is underpitched right now (68X66) and pegs the 2000fpm VSI at will. I can get only 21 inches of manifold pressure at 2700 rpm and this limits the top speed to about 170mph. New prop is on order but for now the climb is great fun.

First flight was 8/97. I have 16 hours on the aircraft but had to stop flying for the winter as the runway in the photo is under about 3 feet of snow (I have thought about skis).


Doug Rozendaal  RV4  "The Pink Panther"

rozndal2.jpg (31160 bytes)                  rozndaal.jpg (36142 bytes)

"I did not paint it pink; When I bought the plane I planned to paint it but it was a great looking airplane and a panther was a lot cheaper than a paint job, so I stuck the panther on the tail."

Built by Elmer Sutterlin of Chicago; IO-320 with full inverted oil and fuel; Warnke prop; VFR inst.

(Inflight photo by Micheal O'Leary of Challenge Publications for cover of November 1997 Sport Pilot Magazine)



Bill Davis, Jr.  RV4.5 (?!)   N66WD

davis.jpg (25868 bytes)

180 hp; constant speed prop.



Louis Smith  RV8  N801RV

Here is the first customer built RV8!


                                       smith8.jpg (25041 bytes)


IO-360-A1B6, 200hp; McCauley constant speed prop; leather interior; full gyro panel; electric flaps and trim; 1095 lbs empty.



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