Cosmic Beings Encountered by Rom

This is a complete list of all the cosmic entities that Rom encountered in his travels. Although cosmic beings are above good and evil, Rom most often encountered them as foes, so they are listed in the enemies portion of the web site. If a being only appeared in Rom, but did not actually encounter Rom, the entry will say "Appeared" instead of "Encountered." Non-continuity appearances (insignificant flashbacks, etc.) are usually not included. For other denizens of the Marvel Universe that Rom encountered, see the lists of super heroes and super villains.

Appeared: Rom #72
Notes: The Beyonder was basically all of the power remaining in the dimension Cosmic Cubes get their power from given sentience. He came to Earth in a quest to understand desire. The unusual desires of Cindy Adams, Brandy Clark, and Rick Jones, caught his attention. After talking to them, he granted their wishes. Cindy's parents were brought back to life, Brandy was sent to Galador, and Rick was cured of his cancer.

Encountered: Rom #26-27
Notes: Galactus was led to Galador by his herald, Terrax where he was opposed by the recently freed Spaceknights there. While the rest of the Spaceknights attacked Terrax and Galactus, Rom infiltrated Galactus' ship and began destroying the exhibits there in an effort to get Galactus' attention. He succeeded and made a bargain with Galactus: if Galactus spared Galador, Rom would lead him to another system, namely the Dark Nebula, home of Galadors enemies, the Dire Wraiths. Once they arrived, Wraithworld and its black sun actually fought back against Galactus. In the end, he was unable to consume the planet or its sun. He honored his deal to save Galador, which, thanks to Mentus, was on a course to the Dark Nebula, by moving it to an unknown location. Thus, Rom and the Spaceknights who had tricked Galactus would have to search the cosmos to find their home.

Encountered: Rom #41
Notes: The In-Betweener was summoned by the Living Tribunal (see below) to prevent Doctor Strange from aiding Rom as he battled the Dweller on the Threshold.

Living Tribunal
Encountered: Rom #41
A group of Dire Wraiths summoned the Dweller on the Threshold to come to Earth and aid in their conquest of mankind. Rom intervened and as he battled the Dweller in another dimension to prevent the Dweller from reaching Earth, Doctor Strange became aware of the conflict and went to aid Rom. At that point the Living Tribunal intervened, saying that because of Strange, the balance between good and evil on Earth had been tipped in the favor of good. Allowing the Dweller to arrive would restore the balance. The Tribunal summoned the In-Betweener to stop Strange from aiding Rom.

Although it left him open to attack by the In-Betweener, Strange used his power to keep the Dweller from tricking Rom into giving up the battle. Rom then defeated the Dweller and addressed the Tribunal, saying that the Wraith presence on Earth had disturbed the balance. If he could eradicate the Wraiths from Earth, the planet would be free to face only its natural enemies. The Tribunal warned Rom that he must succeed or face the consequences and disappeared with the In- Betweener.