Rocketeer suits are an inferior version of the Torpedo suit, both designed by Michael Stivak. Stivak gave his family, or possibly Dire Wraiths impersonating them, the plans for the Rocketeer suit rather than the Torpedo suit in an attempt to appease them. His "family," however, saw through his ruse and demanded a more advanced version. Once Stivak completed the Torpedo suit, he donned it himself and began destroying all copies of the plans for it. He was killed by a collapsing building in the process, but not before passing this information on to Brock Jones, who then took the suit at Stivak's request and became the Torpedo (Daredevil, vol. 1, #126).

It was later revealed that Senator Eugene Stivak, Michael Stivak's uncle, was head of a criminal group called the Corporation. The Corporation created several Rocketeer suits and initially outfitted human recruits with them to further their goals, the primary being retrieving the Torpedo suit from Brock Jones (Marvel Premiere #39-40). Although they failed and Senator Stivak's home was destroyed, he vowed vengance. Other Corporation business took precedence, however, and Stivak was eventually killed before fulfilling his personal oath, giving Jones a period of peace.

At some point, probably shortly after the arrival of Rom on Earth, the Dire Wraiths again became interested in obtaining the suit. This time they sent Dire Wraiths wearing Rocketeer suits to Jones' home, having discovered his identity at some point. Jones defeated them and moved his family to Clairton, West Virginia shortly afterwards in an attempt to keep his family safe. Dozens of Dire Wraith Rocketeers showed up in pursuit, but were defeated by Jones and his new ally, Rom (Rom #21-22).

The Dire Wraiths appeared to abandon the use of Rocketeer suits after that. Then the female Wraiths took over Earth operations from the males, exterminating most of the males in the process. Female Wraiths believed in the use of magic over technology, so the use of Rocketeer suits became a non-issue. However, a small group of male Wraiths used Rocketeer suits to sabotage competing projects as one of them masqueraded as a NASA scientist working on a prototype starship. The male Wraith group actually intended to use it to leave Earth and escape the female Wraiths, but they were foiled by the Avengers (Avengers, vol. 1, #244-245).

It is unclear what happened to any remaining Rocketeer suits or their plans immediately after that. At some point a group of human criminals managed to acquire them. They also became aware of the superior Torpedo suit and either found or built a device to track it once it was activated. The Torpedo suit was eventually found by Mike Jefferies, who, not realizing what it was, got his friend Mickey Musashi to wear it to a costume party. The latest group of Rocketeers tracked her to the party and attempted to take the suit from her, but were defeated (New Warriors #73). There have been no chronicled appearances of the Rocketeers since then.


Please let me know if you know of any other appearances of Rocketeers that I'm missing.

Avengers, vol. 1, #244-245
Dire Wraiths wore the suits to sabotage NASA projects.
Daredevil, vol. 1, #131
First appearance and the only appearance of Rocketeers without the Torpedo suit or Dire Wraiths also appearing.
Marvel Premiere #39-40
Human Rocketeers vs. the Torpedo.
New Warriors #73
A group of human Rocketeers attempt to take the Torpedo suit from Mickey Musashi.
Rom #21-22
Dire Wraith Rocketeers attack the Torpedo and Rom.