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WinTrak Pro is an easy-to-use program for tracking satellites in real-time on PC type personal computers running Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. It provides a variety of features required by Amateur Radio Operators, Astronomers, and Satellite Watchers.

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What will WinTrak Pro do for me?

WinTrak Pro tracks orbiting satellites including the Moon, Sun, and Stars. The program can continually update the screen with the current positions of multiple satellites and tracking stations. WinTrak Pro provides the user with a wealth of options to suit the particular  needs of a broad spectrum of users. We make use of the very powerful OpenGL graphics features used in nearly all of the graphics cards used today. We make use of GPS position information to aid in your tracking needs, very useful for those on the move!

WinTrak Pro is professional quality software but at an affordable price!

Program Features

New Items:

Improved high detail maps for ground tracks.
Added automatic satellite download from the Internet.
3D OpenGL graphics mode.
Use GPS data to have a dynamic tracking station for those folks on the move!
Added automatic Daylight/Standard time zone changing.
Improved GPS support.
What tracking stations can see a satellite output mode.
Added GPS data input for position and time updates.
Added GPS terminal for testing and viewing GPS receiver output.
Added satellite constellation coverage plots, ideal for GPS coverage planning.
Additional radio/antenna interface support:
    Auto Tracker
    TRX Manager
    Kansas City Tracker
Sun rise/set calculations.
Added a time step mode for the Star Background output.
Satellite elements statistics, such as oldest, newest and average age of elements.

Zoom in on the Render views upto 900%.
Software runs on Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.
Automatic LF to CR-LF text file detection and correction. (UNIX to DOS Text conversion)
Mercator map added to the Rendered maps options.
Improved printing of graphics.
Improved installation program.
Added satellite Rise/Set alarms, can play user recorded Wave files or provided Wave files.
Greatly improved help file with printed manual options included in help file.

Added a station visibility output mode.
Added sorting of tabular output and changing the sort item now also.
Improved the satellite elevation plot.
Allow the maps to be printed landscape without changing the Windows default printer settings.
The main screen will now save its size for the next time you use the program.
Added a detailed rise/set output option.


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WinTrak Pro is currently available for $39.95

For technical support or comments about this program, you may contact me

WinTrak Pro
c/o Paul E. Traufler
111 Emerald Dr.
Harvest, AL 35749 USA

Phone: (256) 837-0084, Fax: (256) 895-0754

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WinTrak Pro
c/o Paul E. Traufler
111 Emerald Dr.
Harvest, AL 35749 USA

Phone: (256) 837-0084, Fax: (256) 895-0754

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WinTrak Pro runs on IBM or compatible PC computers capable of running Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. Other system requirements include; 64 Meg of Ram, 24X CD-ROM, 9 Meg of disk space.  WinTrak Pro is supplied on CD-ROM. The RECOMMENDED Minimum System: Pentium-400MHz with 64 Meg Ram, Super VGA color graphics, 130 Meg hard drive, CD-ROM, bus mouse, Win98.


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