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WinTrak Pro
WinTrak Pro the first and only Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP satellite tracking program. Full 32-Bit power! Great new OpenGL graphics! This is the flag ship satellite tracking program. This version adds many new features and improvements that will make this version one of the best ever. We are now shipping version 7.0.
WinTrak Pro source code is available, we have a DLL written in C and all the interface code in Visual Basic. This would be a great opportunity to build on a proven program with your custom requirements. Please contact us for more information.

If you require special outputs, calculations or some other graphic display please contact us as we will be happy to quote you on modified version of our software.

TRAKSAT Satellite Tracking Program For DOS. Fully protected mode now! The 640K barrier has been smashed! Version 4.09 Now Released!
Computer Aided Race Scoring program is a new area for us, in a nut shell we developed a program to read barcode scans used in motorcycle hare scramble races and score them electronically. This is a low cost easy to use system that makes it simple to score a race now.

These programs are fully supported but were not developed by us.

ORBITEL is a FREE program that will filter satellite element files. The program can format convert, error check, sorting, and many other useful functions. It is a DOS program but at this price you can't go wrong!
VEC2TLE Computes AMSAT Keplerian or Space Command / NASA Two-Line Elements from a variety of different coordinate frames and units. Automatically extracts formatted vectors from plain text files and can replace existing Keplerian elements in plain text files.
WinZip is a Shareware program that will ZIP/UNZIP files compressed for download. This program is for Win95/98/NT/XP and works very well. Take a look at the Home Page.

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