We Do Satellite Tracking Programs


Example Screens for WinTrak Pro:

(Click on image to see a larger view)

img2.gif (22293 bytes) Multi-Satellite 3D Render View

img3.gif (8912 bytes) Mercator Map Without Sun/Shadow

Rend4.gif (22281 bytes) 3D Rendered View

img0.gif (13877 bytes) Mercator Map With Sun/Shadow

Ant_lg1.gif (7896 bytes) Antenna/Radio Control

Gt.gif (22449 bytes) Ground Track Map For Printing

Image2.jpg (43874 bytes) Polar 3D View

Image3.jpg (39896 bytes) Zoomed in Mercator View

Image4.jpg (77410 bytes) Star Background View

Image5.jpg (63436 bytes) Multi-Satellite Mercator View

constell.jpg (112093 bytes) Satellite Constellation Plot

Cover1.jpg (118398 bytes) GPS Satellite Coverage Plot

MerGroup.jpg (162575 bytes) Satellite Constellation Mercator Map

Some OpenGL Views (Version 7.0)

3D View

  Zoomed in 3D View


We have been working on the OpenGL graphics and here is a "teaser" graphic for the next release

OpenGL with satellite model

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