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Unedited, uncorrected and uncensored -- Here is a sampling of the stuff that finds its way to my e-mail box:

Jan. 31, 2002
Y.R. writes:

So, tell me, what do you think now that John is on networked TV??? I am curious to know if you have ever talked to anyone who had been on John's show or read by him??? Or, is this just your closed minded opinion?? Granted, we all are entitled to our opinions but you don't have to be so rude. Why don't you try really watching John. It is very obvious that he is not just a "poker player", there is definetly a connection happening there.

I feel sorry for people like you, you must have a sad, miserable life. I can't imagine life without faith. I hope someday you see the light. I'll pray for you. And next time you want to slam someone or something, why don't you get all the facts first???? Talk with some people who have had the experience.

This is typical of the e-mail I get from John Edward's true believers. The will to believe is strong, and some people will believe anything. Anyway, my column on John Edward still generates hate mail, more than a year after I wrote it. -- FH

May 8, 2000
L.S. writes:

Hey! I lived in alabama for ten years! Ain't that sumpin? Birmingham to be exact. I like your site. I've made it my home page. (And that's rare that I like a site that much)

Jan. 23, 2000
D.L.T. writes:


I stumbled across your "Pulp Culture" page on accident. It was an honest mistake. I clip links from the bottom of newsgroup posts if the author reveals him/herself to be from Alabama. It's nice to know a bit about the people I am surrounded by.

The link sat in my "unvisited" folder for some time.

I didn't bother to visit the site because, in my hurry to clip the link, I had forgotten to label it. I had no clue where it was from, what the site was about, or why I had even clipped it to begin with.

Enter Sunday morning, January 23rd, 2000. I'm bored. I am cleaning out my Internet Explorer folders, and lo......THE LINK.

Following a short period of trepidation, I click.

I click well. The site opens. Twenty minutes later I begin typing an e-mail. The result is what you have before you on your computer screen. A computer monitor connected to a computer more powerful than that of the Starship Enterprise which was designed in the 23rd Century, no less. Computer technology must have suffered in that Eugenics War that we missed.

I wanted to contact you and let you know how amusing I found some of your columns. It is pleasing to know that someone such as yourself lives in North Alabama. This can be a downright wretched place to be.

I attend the University of North Alabama, and major in English/Theatre. It can be very depressing. Intellectual fanboyism is very difficult to find.

Nov. 18, 1999
C.S. writes:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your column in the Daily.

I am an avid collector of silver-age comic books, and enjoy talking with anyone with similiar interests. Keep up the great work!!

July 28, 1999
From someone at AOL:


your an odd individual. did it ever occur to you that maybe [Battlestar] galactica is a little on the campy side because it is not set up to be anything more than entertainment. as far as entertainment goes this is pretty much unimpressive, unimaginative, yet unoffensive stuff. its kids stuff. why waste all your time and energy putting something like this show down (try the creators, they are the real criminals). I think its because deep down you love it and just dont want to admit it. you are probably cruel to homosexuals too arent you? in the future attack the nature of the content. dont play with issues like actor quality(you should compare bank accounts since thats the key to quality with you, i bet they have been a little more successful than you high speed!)and please dont talk so cheaply of others when these columns are the best you can do hero. its a fantasy. a kids fairy tale and you must be bored to write these rediculous columns bashing these old (and maybe new) films(I hope you dont reproduce.Mankind couldnt take it.) I will take a stab here. you loved the "artistic quality" of great classics like natural born killers and melrose place Hunh? Just what i want my kids watching. It isnt art. Its entertainment, and YOU dont have to watch, but the kids might just like it.

June 13, 1999
From Mark Re: my panning of DS9's series finale:

Dude, you take your TV WAAAAAAAY too seriously. It's escape, man ! Enjoy it for what it is and if you can't live with the writing, then try penning some scripts and submiting them . Maybe someone would give you a listen. It's easy to complain. It's a challenge to try to make things better, or rather, closer to the way you might want to see them. Don't get too wrapped up in trying to do critical analysis of pop culture. It only shows you may be spending too much time in front of your television........

You know, I've noticed I never get these "you-take-things-too-seriously" letters when I praise something. Funny that. -- FH

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