International Ride of Chicken Houses

        A 39 mile loop from Guntersville used to be hosted on the Alabama Travel website called the International Ride of Chicken Houses (IROC). Here's a map of the original route, which started in Guntersville.

This is a 65 mile route starting from Union Hill (just south of the Tennessee river from Huntsville) that rides to and from the IROC loop at its northwest corner.

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        Route details:

The ride begins with some long rollers heading east from Union Hill School, then works its way down to Arab via some hilly and sometimes rough roads. After Arab the roads smooth out and traffic gradually dies down. The route then descends on smooth pavement to Lake Guntersville with some interesting and scenic views.

The 1.5 mile causeway on AL-69 heading west out of Guntersville has some high speed traffic but not heavy and there's a shoulder. Many of the restaurants on route after the causeway are closed for lunch, but the Char-Burger at mile 38 offers country vegetables as well as fast food.

Soon after the rest stop Georgia Mountain road is a moderate climb that tours some quiet areas on good pavement, winding back to the four-lane AL-69 for two miles with light traffic and good shoulders. The route continues west from Scant City on Eddy Scant City Road, passing north of Arab.

        A few miles after crossing US-231 there's a rough descent into a quiet valley. The final miles include a 9% one mile climb up to the Union Hill school via the relatively exposed (to sun and wind) Apple Grove Road. IROC route elevation profile
        Directions to start:

This ride begins and ends at the Union Hill School. Travel South from Huntsville on US-231 (Memorial Parkway) across the Tennessee River. Begin counting mileage after crossing the bridge and drive 5.7 miles...

Miles Turn Description Leg
5.7 Right on Apple Grove Road 1.1
6.8 Bear Right to stay on Apple Grove Road 1.4
8.2 Arrive Union Hill School on Right -

Google Maps driving directions to Union Hill school

Directions to Union Hill school