The International Ride of Chicken Houses (IROC) is a 65 mile route that loops over to Guntersville and back via varied terrain and road surfaces. Rolling hills with two climbs, one near the end. Directions to start at the Union Hill School: Travel South from Huntsville on US-231 (Memorial Parkway) across the Tennessee River. Begin counting mileage after crossing the bridge...

5.6 Miles - Right on Apple Grove Road ~ 1.1 miles
6.7 Miles - Bear Right to stay on Apple Grove Road ~ 1.3 miles
8.0 Miles - Union Hill School is on the right

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
2.0  East on Union Hill Road 0.0
1.1  on Pine Ridge Road x
0.8  on Gullion Road x
3.4  on Rescue Road x
1.1  onto Allens Cross Road x
0.9  on Midway Road x
0.5  on Quarry Road at "T" x
1.1  on Water Tank Road x
1.0  on Mountain View Road at "T" x
1.2  on Dove Circle x
0.8  on Camilla Drive (not sharp right) x
0.3  on Mobbs School Road at "T" x
2.0  on Glendale Road x
3.3  on Friendship Road /
 4th Street NE
0.4  on 7th Avenue NE x
0.7  on N Main Street x
1.0  on Fry Gap Road
 (small road just past intersection)
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 next rest stop in 16 miles
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
5.1  continue Southeast on Fry Gap Rd x
0.6  on Warrenton Road at "T" x
4.2  on Browns Valley Road x
1.1  on Creek Path Road x
0.8  on Willow Beach Road x
1.7  on Sunset Drive x
2.3  on AL-69 across causeway x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store or restaurant
 next rest stop in 13 miles
6.2  on Georgia Mountain Road
 (climb begins 0.8 miles after turn)
2.1  on AL-69 at "T" x
4.7  on Eddy Scant City Road
 Note: NOT Scant City Road
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on US-231
 finish in 14 miles
1.4  continue West across US-231 onto
 Ruth Road
1.7  on Cranford Road x
0.3  across onto Light Gap Road x
0.5  on Saylors Gap Road x
0.8  to stay on Saylors Gap Road
 (rough descent)
4.1  on Pleasant Valley Road at "T" x
5.6  on Apple Grove Road
 (1 mile 9% climb at 1.2 miles)
-  at Union Hill School x

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