Huntsville - Chattanooga Routes

        Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee share some great roads for cycling. This collection of routes, ranging from 101 to 154 miles, provides a variety of options for touring each way in one or two days. Currently there are only two routes, more to be added later.

Most routes include one or two significant climbs, none terribly steep. Generally the more mountainous roads are more scenic and have lower traffic; they also tend to have smoother pavement.

There's often traffic in Chattanooga, but nothing out of the ordinary; many of the same roads in/out of town are followed by the Three-State Three-Mountain Challenge century ride.

Huntsville - Chattanooga Route map overview
        Downtown Chattanooga is a nice destination for restaurants, galleries, and the Tennessee Aquarium. Hotels within a few blocks of the aquarium generally cost over $150 a night and usually require reservations far in advance, but there are a few less expensive and more available options if you stay several blocks south, about a 3/4 mile walk. The Days Inn - Rivergate is a good option, request a pool-side room for a quieter stay.

The Walnut Street walking bridge, two blocks east of the aquarium, provides access to more shops and restaurants on the north side of the Tennessee river. The Bluff View Arts District, just past the Hunter Museum above the south end of the bridge, is a small area of galleries and restaurants worth a visit. The River Walk is a very nice 10-mile walking path along the river.

Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee
        These routes do not travel into downtown Huntsville but start/finish just inside the Huntsville city limits, near Hampton Cove. From there the shortest routes into Huntsville add 10-15 miles and include short climbs via Cecil Ashburn or Governor's Drive.

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Downtown Huntsville, Alabama
        Huntsville to Chattanooga via Monteagle travels 154 miles and includes three long climbs, a tough one day ride but a very pleasant two day tour.

Monteagle, a picturesque town five miles east of Sewanee, is probably the best place to split the ride, with several hotels and motels to choose from. This means the first day will be 93 miles with two climbs, leaving 55 miles and one climb for the second day. This also works well for weekdays, allowing time to arrive in Chattanooga before evening rush hour traffic.

There are several places to stay in Monteagle. The American Eagle Inn is one of the better-rated hotels; there's also a Days Inn which may be less expensive but not as nice.

Huntsville - Chattanooga via Monteagle
        Chattanooga to Huntsville Fast is only 101 miles and takes the most direct route. This is also the flattest route, with a few 200' to 300' hills near Chattanooga, nothing steep.

While this route travels through some nice country there are a few moderately rough roads, especially around Stevenson. There are some nicer alternates but they will add mileage. Some of the roads on this route can flood after hard rains, alternate roads will add mileage.

Chattanooga - Huntsville fast