An Authorship Analysis
Francis Bacon as Shake-speare

0 Cogency
What's New?
0.0 Reason, Fallacy, and Proof
0.0.0Essays: Of Truth
0.0.1 Novum Organum: Preface
0.0.2 Novum Organum: Book I, Aphorisms 1-68
0.1 Authorship Ascription
0.1.0 Venus & Adonis: "Art thou obdurate, flintie...?"
0.1.1 Certaine Satyres: The Authour in prayse of his precedent Poem.
0.1.2 Bacon Family Motto: "Mediocria Firma"
0.1.3 Venus & Adonis: "honors wracke"
0.1.4 Certaine Satyres: REACTIO.
0.1.5 Virgidemiarvm: Lib. II, Sat. I.
0.1.6 Additional Virgidemiarvm "Labeo" passages
1 Intent
1.0Advancement of Humanity
1.0.0Of the Interpretation of Nature: Proem
1.0.1Letter: "to bring about the better ordering of man's life"
1.0.2Letter: "my writings should not court the present time"
1.0.3A Choice of Emblemes: Scripta manent
1.0.4Essays: Of Great Place
1.0.5The Life of The Right Honourable Francis Bacon
1.0.6Francis Bacon: Viscount St. Alban
1.1.0Comments on Variation of Design
1.1.1Letter: "I have taken all knowledge to be my province"
1.1.2Meditationes Sacrae: Of the Innocency of the Dove
2 Poesy
2.0.0Wisdom of the Ancients: Preface
2.0.1Wisdom of the Ancients: Orpheus; or Philosophy
2.0.2Advancement of Learning: History, Poesy, Philosophy (2:1)
2.0.3Advancement of Learning: Poesy (2:13)
2.0.4Advancement of Learning: Appendices of the Art of Transmission (6:4)
2.1.0Gesta Grayorum Introduction: "contribution to the Gray's Inn revels"
2.1.1Gesta Grayorum: The Prince's Council
2.1.2Of Tribute: Praise of Knowledge
2.1.3Love and Self-love
2.1.4Masque of Flowers: Dedication
2.1.5Masque of the Inner Temple: Dedication
2.1.6Letter: "joint masque from the four Inns of Court"
2.1.7Essays: Of Masques and Triumphs
2.2.0Poems of Edmund Waller: Dedication
2.2.1Scourge of Folly: Sr Francis Bacon
2.2.2Manes Verulamiani
2.2.3Minerva Brittana: Sir Francis Bacon
3 Concealment
3.0 Necessity
3.0.0Essays: Of Simulation and Dissimulation
3.0.1Letter: "be good to concealed poets"
3.0.2Letter: "I think the greatest inquisitor in Spain will allow it"
3.0.3Letter: "I will not publish while I live"
3.0.4Letter: "communicate them to others according to your discretion"
3.0.5Emperor of the East Dedication: "feare to bee censur'd"
3.1 Pseudonymity
3.1.0Valerius Terminus Preface: "the supposed author"
3.1.1Valerius Terminus of the Interpretation of Nature
3.1.2Contents page images
3.1.3Back cover note
3.2.0Of Tribute Introduction: "my Lord of Essex his device"
3.2.1Love and Self-love Introduction: "My Lord of Essex's device"
3.2.2Letter: "Your Majesty's ... servant, Essex"
3.2.3Letter: "as in the name of Mr. Anthony Bacon"
3.2.4Letter: "framed as from the Earl"
3.2.5Sir Francis Bacon His Apologie
3.2.6Letter: "Your loving Friend, Francis Walsingham"
3.3.0To True Nobility
3.3.2Letter: "your poetical example"
3.4.0Early Cryptology
3.4.1Baconiana: A False Dated Book
3.4.2Advancement of Learning: Knowledge of Cyphers
3.4.3Letter: "works of the Alphabet"
4 Players
4.0.0Documentation Detail
4.0.1Documentation Summary by Year
4.0.2Documentation Summary by Category
4.0.3Last Will and Testament
4.1.0Timber: or, Discoveries: Dominus Verulanus
4.1.1Timber: or, Discoveries: De Shake-speare nostrat
4.1.2Every Man Out Of His Humour extracts
4.1.3Poetaster extracts
4.1.4Every Man In His Humour extract
4.1.5Seianvs his Fall extracts
4.1.6Under-Woods: Lord Bacon's Birth-day
4.2.0Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies Frontmatter
4.2.1Shake-speares Sonnets

Paul J. Dupuy, Jr.