Nuke Me with the New!

New Universe Memorbilia

Not many promotional items were produced to promote the New Universe, but here's the few I know of.


These promotional bags were (presumably) given to comic book shops by Marvel in order to promote the New Universe's launch. The first bag features the Marvel 25th Anniversary border logo, as seen on a month's worth of Marvel comics, on the reverse. The second is a version of the New Universe poster (see below) by Bill Sienkiewicz. I do not know what, if anything, is on the reverse of it.

Images graciously provided by Chris Hill.

Book Cover

This book cover was produced about the same time as the launch of the New Universe, if I recall correctly. The main part is a blue background. On it are eight boxes, each with a New Universe title's logo below it. Each box contains art of the title character from one of the comics.

Promotional Poster #1

This is a small poster that was given to comic book shops to help promote the launch of the New Universe. It features the stars of each New Universe book standing alone or in groups. The biggest oddity is that the Spitfire armor is white instead of red.

Photo from eBay.

Promotional Poster #2

When the number of New Universe titles was cut in half and Pittsburgh was destroyed, Marvel issued this promotional poster to retailers. It asks the question, "today we blew up Pittsburgh. Tomorrow . . . ?" The art was painted by well-known inker Tom Palmer. Compare it to the cover of Marvel Age #59.

Photo courtesy Chris Hill.


This poster is by Bill Sienkiewicz. It features one character, typically the lead, from each of the eight New Universe books. Centered at the top, dominating the poster, is Ken Connell as Star Brand. Below him, coming out of the Star Brand logo centered at the bottom, is Psi-Hawk. Along the left, top to bottom, are the original Spitfire suit, Nightmask, and Justice. Along the right are Mastadon (D.P. 7), Jack Magniconte (Kickers, Inc.), and Merc. It's signed Sienkiewicz, 1986. Along the bottom is the New Universe logo in white.

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