Nuke Me with the New!

New Universe Links

The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Dedicated to all the obscure characters floating around the Marvel Universe. That certainly includes the New Universe now, so there's a whole New Universe page.
The Grand Comic Book Database Project
For finding out which comic book creators did what and viewing covers.
I Was a Teenage Marvel Zombie
The gateway to the other comic book related web sites and eclectic pages I've created, including Atari Force Headquarters, Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator, and Rom, Spaceknight Revisited.
The Marvel Cronology Project - New Universe
What started out as a project to list all in-continuity appearances of characters in the Marvel Universe in chronological order has expanded to related universes, including the New Universe.
Marvel Comics
Publishers of the New Universe.
Marvel Comics New Universe Fans group
A Facebook group for New Universe fans.
The New Universe Handbook
Created as a resource for those wanting to play these characters as part of the Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game (RPG), it's also a great (if unfinished) resource for the characters, locations, and events of the New Universe. Perhaps best of all is the Chronology Guide, giving a complete chronology for every New Universe character.
NukeMeWithTheNew message board
A message board for New Universe fans.
Quantum Zone: The Unofficial Quasar Site
Useful for finding out what the creators of D.P. 7 did after the New Universe closed shop and the issues where New Universe characters appeared.
Shooter's Work - Marvel's New Universe
The New Universe section of a site that is "an effort to catalog and promote the complete works of Jim Shooter". It has an overall description of the line and pages for each title.
Tensen 2099
A site dedicated to a series of fan fiction stories about what happened to John "Justice" Tensen after his appearances in Spider-Man 2099.
The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators
A list of who worked on which Marvel comics and where stories were reprinted. Find the New Universe under Characters/Series, then N, then New Universe.
Wikipedia - New Universe
Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia has articles on all the New Universe titles. You can find links to all of them starting with this, the New Universe article.