Mission Log: AF3/1

Atari Force Special #1, first backup story
"Food for Thought"
7 pages

Writer:Paul Kupperberg
Penciller:Tristan Shane
Inker:Joe DelBeato
Letterer:David Cody Weiss
Colorist:Tom Ziuko
Editor:Andy Helfer

A lost and hungry Hukka comes upon the Sheikit, who call him the "mordling" and feed him drugged food. When he regains consciousness, they start to take him for "shotyme." On the way, another group says there is a new mordling and they drop Hukka in favor of the new one. Hukka follows drunkenly, insisting he is the mordling, until he sees them crucify the new mordling, at which points he runs. He is still hungry, tired, and lost, but happy.


None of the stories in AF3 list Conway, Thomas, and Garcia-Lopez as the creators of Atari Force.


  1. Again, this story most likely took place during AF2.08, for the same reasons as AF2.13/2.

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