Mission Log: AF2.13/2

Atari Force #13, backup story
Jan 1985
"Best Friends"
Starring: Hukka
7 pages

Story:Paul Kupperberg
Pencils:Dave Manak
Inks:Keith Giffen
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Tom Ziuko
Edits:Andy Helfer

Hukka meets Chee. They play and then Chee leads him down a hole. This is a den of Chees . . . that want to eat Hukka. The original Chee decides to rescue him and leads him back out. Then he has to go back. Hukka waits for him to return. [The assumption this reader makes is that Chee will never be coming back.]


  1. This story most likely took place during AF#8, too. Hukka came from a desert planet with little life (lots of Hukkas and Zeke), not a grassy world full of all kinds of life.

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