Mission Log: AF2.08

[Cover of Atari Force #8]
Atari Force #8
Aug 1984
"Babe's Story"
23 pages

Cover:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Plot:Gerry Conway
Pencils:Jose Garcia-Lopez
Inks:Ricardo Villagran
Guest Scripter/Editor:Andy Helfer
Letters:Bob Lappan
Colors:Tom Ziuko
Consulting Editors:Len Wein & Gerry Conway

Hukka and Babe land on an apparently unsettled planet. They encounter "Shorty-man" and "his" "sleepy-friend" (dead mate) and decide to follow "him." Shorty-man uses Babe in his fight against his enemies, eventually destroying their major camp. Just after Shorty-man has buried his mate, Atari Force shows up to fetch Babe. They decide to let Shorty-man join them.


The original cover art for this issue is available in the Gallery.


  1. Page 8, panel 1: Taz says, "Gibber ish hah!"
  2. Page 14, panel 4: The first enemy alien says something about "new gibberish." The other says, "Oh my god!!"
  3. Page 18, panel 3: Does charging into battle with a corpse over one shoulder sound like a good idea to you?
  4. Page 20: Taz uses the word "bad," but the only time Babe has been shown to use it was page 19, panel 1, just a few moments before. It's pretty interesting that she was able to pick up that one word from a single use moments ago. On the other hand, Babe certainly used the word "hurt" a lot during this issue.

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