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Welcome to Atari Force Headquarters. My goal is to provide easy access to more information on the people, places, and events surrounding the Atari Force than you ever wanted to know.

The original Atari Force was a group of five individuals from around Old Earth brought together to explore the Multiverse in Scanner One, the first spaceship with the newly invented multiverse drive. As all inhabitants of New Earth know, they were successful. The second Atari Force was led by the leader of the original group, Martin Champion. He, along with two children of the original team plus an eclectic mix of aliens, prevented the Dark Destroyer from destroying New Earth before returning to Old Earth. Sadly, they have not been heard from since.

Most of the details of both Atari Forces missions are still classified. However, DC Comics received permission from ATARI to chronicle some of their missions. This site is based upon their work.

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