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19 Jun 2008: Added a promotional article about Atari Force Special #1 published in DC Releases vol. 1, no. 23 (April 1986).

5 Mar 2008: Press release – Champion boy born; Perez dies.

8 Feb 2007: Added excerpts from two articles about Liberator published in JoyStik vol. 1, no. 5 (April 1983).

23 Sep 2005: Finally added a scan of the Star Raiders graphic novel to the Mission Log. It was sent to me by Nick Roche over a year ago.

16 Dec 2003: Added a picture of the original art for Atari Force #15 to the Gallery.

20 Sep 2000: Added information on the Australian editions to the Mission Logs.

15 Sep 2000: Added a picture of the original art for Atari Force #11 to the Gallery. (Warning: the image is big as I haven't had a chance to scale it down yet.)

10 Aug 2000: Added some extracts about Liberator from Atari's Coin-Op Engineering minutes.

2 Jun 2000: Added a brief article about Liberator from Blip to the Archives.

24 May 2000: Finally got around to adding a scan of the Liberator marquee provided to me two months ago to the Gallery and Liberator pages. I also added information on the Dutch version of Atari Force (which I got over four months ago) to the Mission Logs.

16 Mar 2000: Added the Keith Giffen Bibliography to the Links page.

15 Mar 2000: Added a third scan of some unidentified original art to the Gallery.

18 Feb 2000: Added a second scan of some unidentified original art to the Gallery.

28 Dec 1999: Added a scan of the Atari Force poster and a scan of the complete cover of Comics Interview #12 to the Gallery. (I've had the latter for a while but forgot to update the page.)

22 Dec 1999: Added a scan of the AF2.17 original cover art to the Gallery.

16 Dec 1999: Added a scan of some unidentified original art to the Gallery.

4 Nov 1999: Added some limited information on the Liberator t-shirt and Star Raiders book & record to the Other Sources page. Look for more information on the latter one day in the future.

6 Oct 1999: Added a link to the Liberator coin-op flyer in the GameArchive Promo Flyer Archive on both the Gallery and Liberator pages.

20 Jul 1999: Added another Atari Force page to the links. I haven't done much in the way of updates because I have another set of pages that have been very neglected which get at least 10 times the number of hits as these.

20 May 1999: Added a review of the mini-comics called "Atari Force Fed" from Amazing Heroes #22 by Bob Sodaro.

7 May 1999: All of it! Although I'm not done with everything I'd like to be, I decided to go ahead and make all that I had so far available. I've been working on this (as I was able) for months, so I was eager to get it out. Lee's Atari Force Page is dead. Long live Atari Force Headquarters!

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