tanksprite.h File Reference

Defintions of functions and data that deal directly with the tank sprites. More...

#include "player.h"

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void DrawTank (SDL_Surface *dest, RenderItem *item)
 Draws a player's tank.
void GenTankSprites ()
 Generates all 16 tank sprites from 3 prototype sprites.
Bool IsCollidingShell (Player *tank, Player *shell)
 Tank to shell collision detection.
Bool IsCollidingTank (Player *p1, Player *p2)
 Tank to tank collision detection.


const Uint8 shellInitLoc [16][2]
 An array of deltas for the shells inital location that is organized by the tank's rotation.
Uint8 sprites [16][8]
 Sprite data for all sixteen sprites.

Detailed Description

Defintions of functions and data that deal directly with the tank sprites.

Jeff Jackowski (jeffj@ro.com)
Copyright (C) 2007 Jeff Jackowski

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