Operating States

A set of states each with its own input event handling code.

This prevents the need for very complex event loop code that handles all events for the entire program.

Implemented in the Operating States module.

Operating States

The game will have several operating states:

Splash Screen

The splash screen will display the title of the game, and the author's name at the top, and a short GPL notice at the bottom. Once this is displayed, a timer will start and the program will start trying to connect to a server on the LAN. When the timer indicates the screen has been visible for a few (four?) seconds, or when the player presses a key, the operating state will change to display the menus.


From the menu, the state may transition to game play, or the program may terminate. See menu states.

Battlefield Error

This state is used to display an error that occured while parsing the battlefield file(s). It will include a description, file name, and line number. The error message will also be output to stdout. The user will be prompted to press the fire button to return to the menu.
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