23-24 June 2012 John Hall/Gene Taylor Memorial Race

Well the ice cream man could have made a killing at this year’s Gene Taylor/Gene Hall Memorial race! We had record temperatures with the highs right at 100 degrees! But no matter to us hard core boat races as we had a very good turn out and based on all the comments we heard one and all had a good time!


The open water Friday was a bit windy so the lake kicked it up some, but it was still good water for the bigger boats.
The lake gave us some very light winds on race day so the water was like glass most of the time. The tunnel hulls put on a show for how to stuff 3 boats into the same corner and nearly at the same time! Wow they can really cut in close to those buoys! What I found to be strange is we had 8 B Mono’s! Go figure that one, well at least we had the full range of boats. The gas Cats have REALLY kicked it up and had some good race speeds, in fact they could hold their own in the open hydro class! As always the twins put on a great show with some barn burners, the sound along will bring people over to watch!


The heat may have pushed the people to the limit but the radios/motors had to deal with the heat also and some weaker links did pop up. I recall in a Thunder Boat heat all boats flipped/crashed or died all in about 10 second window! No they did not hit each other either!


A BIG THANKS TO Mr. CD David Hall, he did a great job keeping his cool and pushing us forward to finish 5 rounds and be off the lake by 3PM on Sunday.


Many thanks for the hard work: Mark Bullard, Kim Grim, Bill Zuber, John Equi, Jon T., Larry Wood, Doc Turner.

(Photos by John Equi and Paul Traufler)


Some of the folks/boats at the race