All events are held at Brahan Spring Park Lagoon, a beautiful 35-acre lake near downtown Huntsville. We have a large drivers stand and great boat launch platform as well. We do host several events each year, and just for fun boating days to test and tune the boats. Spectators are always welcome, so make plans to attend the next event and experience the excitement of model boat racing!


Huntsville Model Boating Association (HMBA) was formed in 1981 by a group of model boating enthusiasts who saw a need for organized boating events and racing competitions in the Huntsville area. HMBA is located in District 5 of the International Model Power Boat Association (IMPBA). IMPBA is the governing body which sets the rules and regulations under which HMBA competitions are run. IMPBA also provides HMBA's group insurance coverage. Huntsville Model Boating Association's main goal is to foster good sportsmanship and have fun through model boat racing. Club outings are held on average once a month, and several IMPBA Time Trials and District 5 races are also conducted by HMBA. Once a year, IMPBA conducts the 'granddaddy' of all competitions, the IMPBA International Regatta, or Internats. IMPBA racers from all over North America meet to do battle during the week-long event. National Champions (US-1) are crowned at the end of the competition. Huntsville has been the site to 7 past Internats, including the 1999 Internats competition, celebrating IMPBA's 50th Anniversary, as well as the first ever IMPBA Gas Internats competition held in July of 2000.

While these races are fun and some good racing we do have more just come out and drive kind of days also, these days allow the boater time to tune their boats to increase speed or improve handling. Many of the racers have been doing this for 20+ years! You will find this need for speed can be very habit forming!