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Here are some of the comments I've received. I am not bothering to keep any links contained in the messages up to date. Latest comments are at the top.

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 19:28:48 -0600
From: (feaudrey)
Subject: Roman Numerals

Dear Lee,

Your converter is by no means useless to people pretending to be Romans. I am going to add a link to your page to my "SPQR Companion". ("SPQR" is an on-line mystery game set in ancient Rome.)


Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996
From: "Jason \"Ironman\" Mayfield"
Subject: Congrats!


Congrats, I've chosen your useless roman numeral converter page as the SICK AND TWISTED SITE OF THE DAY for October 8th. Feel free to visit the page, download the graphic, and provide a link from your page. Congrats on wasting electrons!


Official Sick & Twisted Site of the Day (8 Oct 1996)

Subject: Great Site!

Thanks for the Roman numeral converter. Roman numerals are very useful for copyrights in publishing. If you're selling an older book or piece of software, you don't always want the year published to stand out. I'm using roman numerals on my web pages, too. Need to keep those babies looking up to date.

Good luck,

Karl A Freitag/Freitag Marketing Services
"Advertising That Works"

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