Stern's Starman Post

In case you don't know, Roger Stern is a talented comic book writer and the creator of Starman (Will Payton). He wrote the first 20-some-odd issues also, which IMHO, were wonderful. Oh, and Tom Lyle was the artist for a good portion, if not all of, Mr. Stern's issues.

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Subject: Re: STARMAN: Opinions of Will Payton solicited
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     Well, golly...all these comments about Starman.  I'll have to tell
Tom Lyle about this place.  I think he'd enjoy it, too.
      Eleven replies...that must be close to the entire readership.  (No,
I'm kidding. But not much.)
     I wish James Robinson well with Jack Knight.  The issues I've seen
are decidedly offbeat and kinda funky, but I like 'em.  Not the sort of
stories I would write, but so what?  (So, I'm not writing a new series
based on another Golden Age great...'cause I was told I should write it in
a style "something like Starman and Hellblazer"...that's what. 
"Good-bye," said I.)
     Anyway, I doubt that anyone at DC is at all interested in Will Payton
as a continuing character, under any kind of identity.  I'm just hoping
that James reunites him with his family and lets them all slouch off into
comics limbo in peace.  

Thanks for all the kind words.
-- Roger Stern   
comic books