Spaceknights Art Preview

Below are thumbnails of various covers and pages from the Spaceknights limited series. These came to me directly from Chris Batista, plotter/penciller of the series. The art is complete (pencils, inks, & colors), but has not been lettered. All images are © 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc. To see larger versions, click on the desired thumbnail image. (Note that I had to scale down the larger versions from what I was sent because they were simply too big for a standard modem connection.)

Spaceknights #1, cover

Spaceknights #1, page 4

Spaceknights #1, pages 6-7

Spaceknights #1, page 11

Spaceknights #1, page 13

Spaceknights #1, page 17

Spaceknights #1, page 18

Spaceknights #2, cover

Spaceknights pin-up

Spaceknights #3, cover

Spaceknights #3, page 16

Original design of Liberator armor