Fabian Nicieza on the New Universe

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Date: 5 Nov 1995 12:11:54 -0500
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Take it from someone who was there (I wrote PSI-FORCE from #16 through #32
and ish #9 was my first published comic)...

PSI-FORCE, JUSTICE and D.P.7 all lasted until issue #32, cancelled in
1987. STARBRAND was cancelled at the same time, but because it had been
bi-monthly, it's numbering was lower (I don't recall what the last issue #
was).  [It was #19. -- LKS]

There was a NEW UNIVERSE "implosion" around issue #16 of the titles
[Actually, it was #12. -- LKS], and
the 4 surviving titles gamely carried on for another year plus.
Ironically enough, when we were cancelled, our sales were in the
mid-30,ooo copy range or better.  That put it in Marvel's cellar at that
But in this declined marketplace that's better sales than a majority of
titles currently being published by Marvel and others.

I always say, whether I quit a book (X-MEN, ALPHA FLIGHT, NEW WARRIORS,
etc.), I get fired (X-FORCE) or it gets cancelled on me (PSI-FORCE, NOMAD)
that I would NEVER go back again.

Honestly, with PSI-FORCE and the NEW U, I would make an exception to my
rule (especially since the books moved in real time and all the
characters, world situation, etc. would be ten years later).  I know GRU
feels the same way about DP7. 
Doubt we could ever pitch a NEWU Special Project, but it would be fun to

-- fabian

P.S. -- one more exception to my never go back again, of course, would be
the SPIDER-MAN/SPEEDBALL team-up I want to do for the new SPIDEY TEAM-UP
book, but it seems, for some unfathomable reason, that smarter editorial
heads keep saying No.

NOTE: I've now started a web site dedicated to the New Universe.