An Alternate History of the DC Universe

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David Toney ( wrote:
> Well, the idea for this panel was to let this editors know what we, the fans, 
> thought was screwed up in the post-Crisis DC Universe.  They asked for our 

Well, this would be hard to do, since it messes with a lot of continuity, 
but it works, thematically for me.  It blends Earth's 1 and 2 and the 
Post Crisis Earth. 

Tales from Earth-5

1940 - 1950	The Golden Age

First Appearance of Superman I, Batman I, Wonder Woman and the rest of the
Justice Society (Flash I, Hourman I, Spectre, Sandman, Green Lantern I, Dr
Mid-Nite, Hawkman I, Dr Fate, Atom I, Starman I).  As WWII continues, the
All-Star Squadron is formed, encompassing all active Mystery Men and
Super-Heroes. After the war ends, the popularity of heroes is at an
all-time high. However, the House Un-American Activities Comittee manages
to smear the reputations of the Justice Society, and, rather than unmask
to the Committee, the Justice Society quietly retires. 

Superman marries Lois Lane, and becomes the Editor of the Daily Planet.

Batman becomes Comissioner of Gotham City. He later marries the 
ex-criminal, Selena Kyle/Catwoman. 

Wonder Woman marries Steve Trevor (taking him to live on an near Paradise

The other members of the JSA marry. 

1950 - 1960	The Secret Age

Paranormal Activity declines, though is not completely eliminated.  Small
groups of highly trained normal humans, and the rare metahuman, act in
secret to help the humanity that rejects them.  Notable groups include the
Challengers of the Unknown, Task Force X/The Suicide Squad, the Sea
Devils, Rip Hunter - Time Master, J'onn J'onnzz the Martian Manhunter,
Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Captain Comet and the Doom Patrol. 

With help from Doctors Fate and Mid-Nite, Lois Lane carries Clark Kent Jr
to term.  Lois and Clark move back to Smallville to raise Clark on the
family farm. 

Dick Greyson (Robin I) enters politics.  

1960 - 1970	The Dawn of the Silver Age.  

Clark Kent Jr is contacted by the 30th Century Super-Team, the Legion of
Super-Heroes.  He spends most of his mid-teenage years in the 30th 

In the late 60's, Superboy reveals himself to the world (against his
father's wishes). 

The Doom Patrol gave their lives for the 14 citizens of a small town.

With the sacrifice of the Doom Patrol and the public acts of Superboy, the
poltical climate has changed enough such that superhumans are hailed again
as heroes. 

Jason Todd, a circus acrobat and friend of Dick Greyson, partners with
Helena Wayne as Robin II and the Huntress. 

Other children of the Justice Socity band together as Infinity, Unlimited. 
They have a brief, but memorable career, before retiring themselves in the
late 70's.

Many of the Lone Paranormals of the 50's also come together as The
Forgotten Heroes. 

A space capsule from Krypton brings Supergirl to Earth.

1970 - 1980	The Silver Age

Inspired by the Justice Society, a group of new super-heroes band together
as the Justice League of America. Superman II brings together The
Huntress, Aquaman and the new Green Lantern, Hawkman, Flash, and Atom. The
"old time" heroes, the Martian Manhunter and the original, immortal,
Wonder Woman join this new team, and are considered the "elder
statesbeings" of the team. 

Jason Todd, the Second Robin is killed by the Joker.  The Huntress adopts
Tim Drake as the third Robin. 

In the mid-eighties, the teenage sidekicks of the Justice League band
together as the Teen Titans (Robin III, Wonder Girl [Donna Troy, saved
from a fire by Wonder Woman], Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy). 

Some of the more robust members of the Justice Society come out of
retirement to reform the Justice Society.  They spend most of their time
in less active, but more inspirational roles. 

1980 -	1990 The Modern Age

As the Justice League grows, it becomes Justice League International, and
the elder Leaguers make room for the new "young turks" like Firestorm, 
Zatanna, Vixen, Steel, and Gypsy.

After a brief breakup, the Teen Titans reform as just "the Titans," and
welcome new members Jericho, Cyborg, Changeling, Starfire, and Raven.
Raven later dies, sacrificing herself to save the world from her father

The Flash is accused of the murder of Professor Zoom.  He is found 
innocent, and retires to the 30th Century with his wife, Iris. 

In a war against Darkseid and his Anti-Life Shadow Demons, both Supergirl
and The Flash II give their lives to save the world.  Wally West becomes
the Flash III.  (Harbinger's a New God, btw.)

Huntress forms the Outsiders.

The Suicide Squad re-forms.

The Marvel Family forms.

1990+	The Post-Modern Age

Overwhelmed by its now huge membership, the Justice League splits into:
Justice League America (chaired by Superman), Justice League Europe
(chaired by Wonder Woman), and the Justice League Task Force (chaired by
the Martian Manhunter). 

A time travelling Per Degaton becomes Monarch, and dupes another time
traveller named Waveryder into being a stalking horse to discover the
secrets of the super-heroes.  His plans are thwarted by Hawk, Dove, and
Captain Atom.

A member of the Order St Dumas named Azrael briefly takes the name of
Batman.  Huntress, Robin III and an aging Batman discover the Order was a
front for Ras Al Gul.  Batman is rejuvinated to his prime by the Lazarus
Pit, and restarts his career as Batman. 

Superman II marries his childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang. 

An Apokoliptian battle-beast named Doomsday is sent to Earth to murder 
Superman II.  Superman II is nearly killed, but with the help of Captain 
Marvel, Superman I, and The Flash (who were the only heroes fast enough 
to arrive on the scene in time), they were able to defeat the beast.  
Justice League Mr Miracle promptly Boom Tubed it back to Apokolips.  
While recovering from his injuries, Metropolis was protected by an inventor 
turned steelworker called The Man of Steel and an imperfect clone of 
Superman II dubbed Superboy. 

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is briefly driven "mad" by the renegade Green
Lanterns Sinestro and Malvolio.  Alan Scott Guy Gardner, and John Stewart
were able to save Hal.  Kyle Rainer, an artist who was at the right place
at the right time (with a jar of yellow paint), demonstrated such heroism,
that he was awarded membership in the corps.  John Stewart is currently on
Oa, helping the Guardians with their plans for a United Planets.  Hal
Jordan is recruiting and training new Green Lanterns.  Guy Gardner is
currently using Sinestro's ring.

Jack Knight, the grandson of Starman, becomes the 4th Starman after
Starman II is murdered by the Mist. (Starman II was David Knight, son of
Ted Knight.  He was Starman in the reformed Justice Society.  He retired
after the Crisis.  The hero currently known as Darkstar, Will Peyton, used
the name Starman for a few weeks, until David's lawyers contacted him.)

What do you think, sirs?

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