Tyg's Batman-Superman Post

The following post regards Superman: Save the Planet #1, released in August 1998 and the Cataclysm Batman crossover event of 1998.

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Subject: Re: Save the Planet - solution
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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:12:14 GMT

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Michael A Burstein <mab@world.std.com> wrote:
>The entire problem regarding the gutting of the DAILY PLANET in the SUPERMAN:
>SAVE THE PLANET book this week could have been averted by one phone call:
>Bruce? This is Clark. There's a major metropolitan newspaper you can have for
>a song..."

I believe this is part of the new Bat-Super quid pro quo; you don't buy
the newspaper I work at, I don't give any help to earthquake victims in
the city you live in.

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